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Tickets to plays in New York

See the buzziest award-winning and celebrity-led Broadway plays on stage right now, or get tickets to a new, exciting Off-Broadway play in an intimate venue. Plus, spend more and save more – gain 2% in TodayTix Perks credit with your purchase.
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Don't miss these Broadway plays and Off-Broadway plays in NYC this season. Lots of musicals will play for years, but most plays on Broadway are here for a limited time only. Stage and screen stars often appear in theatre plays, too, so you can catch your favorite celebrity live in a Broadway play. Discover all the plays in NYC now, and get tickets to plays in New York on TodayTix now.

Sometimes people use "plays" to refer to any theatre, but technically, a play is the opposite of a musical (though some plays do incorporate songs or have some music underscoring the scenes). Plays come in all genres, from laugh-out-loud comedies to serious dramas to classic Shakespeares — or reinventions that turn the classics on their heads. Lots of theatre plays make their world premieres off Broadway, and you can check those out here, too — perhaps one will become the next Broadway hit!

There's a New York play that's suited to everyone's taste in theatre. Between Broadway and Off-Broadway venues, there are theatre plays of all sizes, too, from fantastical spectacles to intimate, one-person events. One example of a fan-favorite play is the spellbinding and grand Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

There are so many great plays in New York, and you can get tickets to tons of plays in NYC now on TodayTix.

Frequently asked questions

How long is the average play?

The running time of plays varies, typically ranging from 90 minutes to 3 hours. Most plays longer than 2 hours will include an intermission.

Are all plays in New York on Broadway?

No — in fact, a majority of plays happen off Broadway! Broadway hosts around 20 plays each season, but Off-Broadway theatres regularly produce new plays and play revivals all across the city.

What are dramas?

Dramas are the opposite of comedies, referring to plays that contain more serious subject matter and fewer jokes. Some people also use the word "drama" to refer to any kind of play, as opposed to a musical.

How much is the average cost of a play ticket?

The average cost for a play ticket is approximately $50. That said, prices vary; shows in small Off-Broadway venues usually have cheaper tickets than Broadway shows or any show starring celebrities. Seats closer to the stage also tend to cost more than seats further back.

What are some recommended plays in New York?

Popular new plays are always coming to Broadway, but long-runners like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child remain fan favorites. You can sort this page by most popular to find out which plays our customers are loving right now, or click on an individual show's page to read reviews from fellow theatregoers.

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