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Discover the magic of the New York City opera with TodayTix! Secure tickets to the iconic Met Opera and other adored venues, offering a diverse array of performances for families, opera enthusiasts, and everyone in between. TodayTix provides an opportunity to experience the beauty of New York opera while enjoying significant savings.

TodayTix offers a chance to introduce families to the enchanting world of opera. From timeless classics to family-friendly productions, our curated selection ensures an unforgettable experience suitable for all ages. Witness the grandeur of the Metropolitan Opera and other venues, creating lasting memories for the whole family. And yes, anyone can find an opera they'll like — each one has a different story, and they all have spectacular sets, costumes, and music. Many are also inspired by musicals, books, and even movies — or they inspired those things in return.

Opera enthusiasts can indulge in the richness of NYC's operatic scene, accessing the best seats for both classic masterpieces and contemporary compositions. TodayTix brings you a variety of performances, allowing you to immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melodies and theatrical brilliance that define the city's operatic arts.

Our user-friendly ticketing platform makes it easy for everyone to secure their seats for these extraordinary opera performances. Reserve your e-tickets now and join TodayTix in celebrating the diversity and beauty of opera in NYC. Whether you're a family looking for a cultural outing or an opera enthusiast seeking the best seats, TodayTix ensures an accessible and enriching experience for all.

Frequently asked questions

What is opera?

Opera is a completely sung-through type of theatre where all the roles are performed by singers. Traditionally, operas are composed and sung in a classical music style, but some modern operas incorporate other music genres as well.

Are all operas in English?

Most operas are not in English — many are sung in languages like Italian, French, or German. Subtitles are available in English and various other languages at The Metropolitan Opera, and some operas also project supertitles above the stage.

What should I wear to an opera?

A night at the opera is a historically fancy event, so operagoers are encouraged to dress formally. There is no required dress code, however, so you're welcome to wear whatever you'll be most comfortable in.

How long is the average opera?

The length of operas varies, but most classical operas run between 2.5 and 4 hours. This runtime typically includes at least one 20-30 minute intermission, allowing you time to grab concessions and walk around the venue in between acts.

Do opera singers use microphones?

Opera singers do not typically wear microphones — they're trained to sing powerfully enough so even the people in the back of a massive concert hall can hear them loud and clear.

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