Immersive theatre in NYC

Become part of a show at these events that are more than just traditional theatre — they're unique experiences that fully involve you in all the action.
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When you think about going to see live entertainment, you usually picture yourself sitting in the audience while the action occurs on stage, right? Did you know that there’s such a thing as immersive and interactive theatre? The genre is as flexible as the experience itself, but it almost always means you won’t be sitting still. Instead, you’ll join the show and take part in the performance as a member of the production, not just the audience. Join a whole new world by getting tickets to immersive theatre in NYC.

Immersive theatre in NYC is home to some of the coolest theatre you’ll ever be a part of. In addition to immersive theatre shows like the long-running Macbeth adaptation Sleep No More, you can also discover other immersive experiences, like walkthroughs, exhibits, and events inspired by the worlds of your favorite TV shows and films. Plus, check out interactive events whose performers mingle with audiences in nontraditional ways.

Some immersive shows feature a totally transformed venue, where audiences enter and mingle with each other and the actors, who you'll follow around through the venue and hang out with as they act out their stories. All immersive events are interactive, but not all interactive events are immersive — for example, a children's show where the kids engage with the performers is an example of interactive theatre, but it might take place in a more traditional venue.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an immersive experience?

An immersive show includes audiences in the storytelling. Audiences at immersive shows get to interact with the characters and explore the venue — which is entirely transformed into the world of the show — as the plot unfolds around them.

What shows are immersive?

Immersive shows include those like the popular Sleep No More, which brings audiences fully into the world of the story.

Can I take bags to immersive shows and experiences?

Taking large bags, backpacks, or purses into an immersive show isn't recommended, as you'll be walking around among lots of other people. Most immersive shows have coat and bag checks available.

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