Speakeasy Magick  Tickets
Speakeasy Magick : What to expect - 1
Speakeasy Magick : What to expect - 2
Speakeasy Magick : What to expect - 3
Speakeasy Magick : What to expect - 4
New York , New York

Speakeasy Magick Tickets

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Speakeasy Magick : What to expect - 1
Speakeasy Magick : What to expect - 2
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Production shot of Speakeasy Magick in New York.
Speakeasy Magick  Tickets

About Speakeasy Magick

Spend a night with New York’s best magicians! Speakeasy Magick is an evening of cocktails and intoxicating magic. The show hosts a revolving door of New York City’s most esteemed magicians who present a variety of illusions, card tricks, and more at The Overlook Bar, your home for a one-of-a-kind evening of spellbinding entertainment. Get Off-Broadway Speakeasy Magick tickets on TodayTix!

Legend has it that, for hundreds of years, an order of magicians have assembled underground in hidden locations to trade secrets, methods, and entertainment. Passed down from generation to generation in palace halls and lonely jail cells, in smoky saloons and illicit gambling dens, these magicians’ superhuman talents strengthened over countless hours of solitary dedication, misspent youth, and trials of blood and sweat. The greatest magicians are here in New York City, gathering under cover of darkness, moving locations as needed.

The speakeasy comes to life to evoke a bygone era, complete with smoky lights and mysterious flourishes to give the Overlook Bar a noirish, throwback, underground vibe. Settle into the scene for the special two-hour event. Enjoy, and don’t take your eyes off the magicians!

Run time


Start date

January 6th, 2022

End date

July 31st, 2024


Ages 21+.

Speakeasy Magick : What to expect - 1
Speakeasy Magick : What to expect - 2
Speakeasy Magick : What to expect - 3
Speakeasy Magick : What to expect - 4


The Overlook Bar

25 West 24th Street, New York , New York , United States, 10010

More information about Speakeasy Magick

Speakeasy Magick performs at The Overlook Bar. Shhh: This location is the secret stepsister of the McKittrick Hotel’s Club Car. Never been to the impeccably designed building or its intimate bars? Now’s your chance: Speakeasy Magick lets you experience one of New York’s most sought-after theatrical venues that has hosted unique plays, concerts, and immersive events for years.

Acclaimed magician Todd Robbins hosts Speakeasy Magick in New York, with a roster of diverse magicians showing off their tricks of the trade as audiences sip on craft drinks and chat in a high-concept setting. Critically acclaimed and beloved by audiences worldwide, Speakeasy Magick offers its guests an intimate evening in a bespoke bar where curious audiences and daring performers share a singular experience of astonishment and joy.

Parlor magic, the type of tricks employed at this event, offers a more up-close-and-personal kind of event: you’ll never be more than a handful of feet away from the magicians (or the handsome bar), which means audiences can better appreciate their mastery while being confounded by how the tricks unfold. Any magic event is bound to be memorable, and Speakeasy Magick is no exception! Go in with an open mind; the more answers you seek, the more questions you may find. Prepare to be shocked and moved by what can only be called sorcery.

What to watch for

  • While it’s not required, consider dressing up for the experience! There is no dress code, and casual attire is plenty acceptable. But you can also make a special night out of Speakeasy Magick and lean into its aesthetic that is a cross between film noir, steampunk, and 1920s speakeasy.
  • Enjoy a variety of New York’s best talent. Some featured performers include Alex Boyce, Jason Suran, Mark Calabrese, Matthew Holtzclaw, Prakash Puru, Rachel Wax, and more.
  • The McKittrick Hotel has a storied record for hosting special, site-specific events. Sleep No More ran for over 5,000 performances in this multi-story former hotel.
  • Emursive, the production company behind Speakeasy Magick, produces immersive theatre in extraordinary places. Emursive custom-fashioned the McKittrick Hotel for the award-winning Sleep No More and numerous live concerts, intimate music festivals, showstopping events, and spectacular themed holiday celebrations at the building’s multiple performance spaces and eateries: Gallow Green, The Club Car, Manderley Bar, and The Overlook Bar.
  • At The McKittrick’s events, storytelling is less verbal and more experiential. Even audiences who do not speak English can enjoy the wonders of live theatre at Speakeasy Magick, which makes it highly appealing to audiences of varying theatergoing experiences and backgrounds. In this show, magic acts as a universal language.

Frequently asked questions

What is Speakeasy Magick about?

In the Off-Broadway experience Speakeasy Magick, discerning members of the public who can keep a secret are invited to share an unforgettable night. Get ready for an unprecedented night of magic as you’ve never before seen, featuring a changing roster of New York City’s best magicians.

What is the running time of Speakeasy Magick ?

Speakeasy Magick runs for 2hr.

Which theatre is Speakeasy Magick at?

Speakeasy Magick is at New York 's The Overlook Bar.

How much are tickets for Speakeasy Magick ?

Speakeasy Magick tickets start at $190.

What is the age recommendation for Speakeasy Magick ?

Ages 21+.

How do you get tickets for Speakeasy Magick ?

Check the top of this page for current availability and exclusive offers on Speakeasy Magick tickets on TodayTix.

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