Ballet in New York

Ballet blends sheer beauty, grace, and athleticism into a breathtaking and theatrical dance experience. Get tickets for a unique New York experience.
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Step into the enchanting realm of New York's ballet scene, and you'll find yourself instantly transported to a world of breathtaking artistry, one that is every bit as captivating and distinctive as the city itself. It's a world that beckons you to immerse yourself in the experience of ballet, an integral part of New York City's rich cultural heritage.

What sets ballet in New York apart is its remarkable fusion of grace and athleticism, tradition and innovation. On the stages of New York, centuries-old classics are reimagined with a modern twist, while fresh choreography shares the limelight with timeless masterpieces.

This mesmerizing dance form can be experienced at iconic venues across the city. The Metropolitan Opera House hosts the American Ballet Theatre, captivating audiences with their exquisite performances. Meanwhile, the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center constantly pushes the boundaries of ballet, dazzling spectators with their creativity. Additionally, the Lehman Center in the Bronx and Kings Theatre in Brooklyn offer more venues to enjoy the beauty of ballet.

The brilliance of these shows, set against the backdrop of the bustling metropolis, creates an unforgettable and awe-inspiring experience. For those seeking to secure their place in this world of graceful wonder, TodayTix is your trusted source for tickets. Keep a close watch on performance schedules, and seize the opportunity to reserve your tickets for tonight or any upcoming performance.

Frequently asked questions

What is ballet?

Ballet is a form of dance that dates back to the 15th century known for its beauty and grace. Ballet performances may include a single, full-length show the length of a play or musical, or a series of shorter routines performed in succession.

What should I wear to a ballet?

Ballets are historically fancy events, so audience members are encouraged to dress formally. There is no required dress code, however, so you're welcome to wear whatever you'll be most comfortable in.

What ballets can I take kids to?

Most ballets are suitable for children; since they are performed entirely through dance, there is no strong language or explicit content. Ballets average around 2-3 hours, though, so very young children may have difficulty sitting through a long performance.

How long is the average ballet?

The running times of ballets vary. A single full-length ballet averages around 2.5-3 hours, whereas a performance consisting of multiple short ballet routines can range from 1-3 hours, depending on the length and number of routines in the lineup.

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