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Spotlight on: Brooklyn Comedian Nicole Silverberg

August 9, 2017 by Brandon Nadig
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In honor of Comedy Month, we caught up with the hilarious Nicole Silverberg, who Brooklyn Magazine named one of the 50 Funniest People in Brooklyn. Read on for some great recommendations for silly nights out in New York, comedians to watch, and some hot takes on Harry Potter housing.

Brandon: Tell us a little about yourself! Any upcoming projects you want to plug?

Nicole: I’m a writer and comedian based in Brooklyn. I’ve written for a few TV shows and am an editor at Reductress, where I also co-host the Reductress podcast, Mouth Time!

Brandon: What do you love about comedy in New York? What are your other favorite comedy cities?

Nicole: I love how much comedy is in New York, and how there’s room for just about anything. There are so many excellent comedians, cool venues, and weird concepts. I’m a little biased, of course, but I think New York is the best city for comedy.

Brandon: Where are your favorite places in New York to perform?

Nicole: I love performing at Union Hall and The Bell House in Brooklyn, and UCB as well.

Brandon: What comedians do you admire?

Nicole: A whole bunch, especially Maria Bamford, John Mulaney, Sarah Silverman, and Naomi Ekperigin.

Brandon: What shows or venues would you recommend folks check out during Comedy Month [Aug 10-31]?

Nicole: Haha, Wow by Reductress, which I host at UCB Chelsea on Thursday, August 10!

Brandon: If you were to be any kitchen appliance, which would you be?

Nicole: Oh god. A hand mixer? I’d live in a drawer most of the time and that’s fine with me.

Brandon: Which Harry Potter house would you be sorted into and why?

Nicole: I feel like there’s no good answer when you’re choosing for yourself. I say I’m a Ravenclaw but it’s like “Oh, you think you’re SO smart, don’t you?” Keeping in mind that you get sorted when you’re a kid, I do say Ravenclaw, though, because I was a know-it-all who wasn’t at all brave, and that’s where Ravenclaws really shine.

Brandon: Word association time! I’ll say a category and you give us your best pee-your-pants-from-laughter recommendation:


TV Show — Veep

Movie — Girls Trip

Play or Musical — Oh, Hello!

YouTube Video — Kim Cattrall scatting

Twitter Account — @joshgondelman

Comedy Up-and-Comer — I don’t know if I’d call him an “up and comer” but wow, I’ll follow Joel Kim Booster to the ends of the earth. Joel, if you’re reading this, please don’t take advantage.

If you’re now as obsessed with Nicole as we are, make sure to follow her on Twitter.  And we definitely recommend listening to Mouth Time to keep you laughing despite whatever chaos the NYC subway throws your way.