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Save on your next seat with TodayTix Perks

We believe that the more you’re able to enjoy live events and the connection they bring, the better life gets. With TodayTix Perks, you benefit when you shop by automatically receiving 2% credit on select events which you can redeem on a future in-app purchase. Shop, earn, and enjoy — it’s simple.

Here’s how it works:


Whether you're planning with friends, family, or a date in mind, we've got you covered. To receive TodayTix Perks for your purchase, select tickets that advertise a percentage credit on your event (ex. "Earn 2% on this purchase").


After purchasing, you'll see a pending amount in your Account, and you'll also receive an email confirmation. Once you've attended your event, your earnings will be available to use.


Apply your available earnings toward your next in-app purchase, or watch your credit stack up. Your earnings must be redeemed within one year of attending your most recent event eligible for TodayTix Perks.

Perks FAQ

1. What are TodayTix Perks?

With TodayTix Perks, you’re able to automatically earn 2% credit on select events and redeem your balance on a future in-app purchase after attending that purchased event.

2. How do I earn TodayTix Perks?

TodayTix Perks can be earned by making a purchase on events where 2% or more earnings are being advertised. After successfully attending your event, Perks will be added to your account balance and available for use on an in-app purchase within a year. 

3. How will I know which events I get earnings on?

Events you will receive earnings on are marked in the app and on desktop with a banner that specifies the percentage credit you will receive by making that purchase (ex: “Earn 2% on this purchase”). Lottery and Rush tickets, and gift cards are exempt from earnings. 

4. Are earnings based on the total purchase price or just on the ticket price?

Earnings are based on the total purchase price — the amount that is charged to your preferred payment method.

5. How do I redeem TodayTix Perks?

TodayTix Perks can be redeemed exclusively through the TodayTix app. At checkout, select “Redeem” under “Payment method.” This option will only appear if you already have an available TodayTix Perks balance.

6. When do TodayTix Perks expire?

Your earnings expire one year after attending your most recent event purchase eligible for TodayTix Perks. You are able to review the exact expiration date of your TodayTix Perks under “Perks balance” on the “Account and Settings” page.

7. Can I redeem my earnings for cash?

No, earnings cannot be redeemed for cash. 

8. Can I combine my earnings with a gift card or other voucher code?

You may combine earnings with up to one gift card or voucher code.

9. Can I pass along my earnings to a friend or family member who is also a TodayTix user?

No, only you can redeem the earnings in your account balance.

10. Can I combine my earnings on my various TodayTix accounts?

No, you may not combine earnings from various TodayTix accounts. 

11. What can I use earnings on? Can I redeem them on Rush and Lotteries?

While you cannot earn TodayTix Perks on Rush and Lottery tickets, you are able to redeem earnings on any ticket purchase, including Rush and Lottery tickets.

12. Are my earnings transferable to use on TodayTix in another country?

Yes, earnings can be converted into other currencies at checkout.

13. What happens if I use Ticket Protection or get a refund on my purchase?

Since earnings are added to your balance after your scheduled event has taken place, if you are refunded for your purchase, those earnings will not become available on your account. 

14. I still have questions about TodayTix Perks, who can I contact?

Please contact our Customer Care team

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