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11 Things Everyone Loves About London

20 June 2016 by Emily Moulder
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Having been live and launched in the UK for officially one year now, to celebrate we want to shout from the rooftops how much we love London and why. What’s your favourite thing about London?

11. The Tube

Image credit: Daily Mail

Under-appreciated, the London underground transport system known as the good old tube, is the fastest way to get around the city. You can cross from one side of a major capital city to the other in about 25 minutes. It’s like magic, people! Plus, you never know who you’re going to run into…

10. The Royal Family

Image credit: Popsugar

You may have heard that we Brits have a brand new, real life baby princess who’s as cute as a button.

And our Royal hats are amazing…

Image credit: Hello

Though not always…

Image credit: JustJared

9. Getting a cockney cab driver

Image credit: Telegraph

There’s nothing better than jumping in a black cab and hearing in gruff but friendly and familiar accent, “Where to, mate?”.

8. The view from London bridges

Image credit: wikimedia

You might not think a bridge is a good reason to visit somewhere but our bridges are awesome, offering incredible views of the London skyline and the river below.

Also, this next one is Tower Bridge – not London Bridge. Common mistake.

Image credit: Travelling Moods

7. Markets

Image credit: Sifty

Columbia Road, Borough, Portobello, Camden Lock, Old Spitalfields – we’ve got more markets than you can shake a stick at. Incidentally, Old Spitalfields is a great place to buy a stick.

6. Sitting at the front of the DLR

Image credit: Train Photos

The Docklands Light Railway is a driver-less train, so if you’re the lucky ones to get the front seats of the train, you can pretend you’re the driver… It’s way more fun than it sounds.

5. Enjoying the Sun on the South Bank


There are plenty of gorgeous places to sit and enjoy a drink in London (Pimms is the go-to beverage) but there’s no better place than the South Bank. There’s the great view of the river, the London eye and plenty of foodie pop-ups to enjoy. Which we need to soak up the Pimms.

4. Visiting The Tower of London

Image credit: London Tourist

At over 900 years old, the Tower of London is the city’s oldest tourist attraction. It’s got ghosts, the famous Beefeater guards and it’s also where we keep the Crown Jewels. As towers go, it’s a pretty good one.

3. Seeing Art in London

Image credit: Banksy Street Art

Some of the world’s most famous works of art are displayed in London. You’ll find Van Gough in the National Gallery, Warhol in the Tate Modern and Banksy is… anywhere, really.

2. Relaxing in London’s Parks & Gardens

Image credit: Telegraph

William Blake described England as ‘a green and pleasant land’, and London is no different thanks to our spacious parks and lush gardens. They’re also great places to watch pasty Brits get sunburned.

1. Theatre

Image credit: Telegraph

London’s iconic theatre scene attracts the best shows, the biggest stars and an audience of over 14 million people a year. We’re thrilled that TodayTix is now a part of this amazing community!


Find out what happens when you cross adorable pugs with musical theatre…