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Witness for the Prosecution
Witness for the Prosecution

Witness for the Prosecution

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About Witness for the Prosecution

You have been summoned for jury service. It’s down to you to decide the fate of one man in court. Head to London County Hall for theatre’s greatest courtroom drama. Book Witness for the Prosecution tickets on TodayTix today.

This uniquely staged version of Witness for the Prosecution play combines all the thrills of an Agatha Christie mystery with real life courtrooms. London County Hall provides the perfect setting for this story to unfold.

Step inside the old council chambers, and you will immediately feel like you have been dropped into the middle of a fast-paced murder mystery. There’s plenty of unexpected twists and shocking revelations, especially when an unexpecting witness is called to the stand.

London Theatre raved about the play’s authenticity, saying “This new production of her play focuses on that courtroom element, transforming London County Hall into the historic Old Bailey.”

Prior to the court case, Leonard Vole befriends a rich old lady and as per her will, inherits her wealth when she unexpectedly dies. Vole pleads his case in court, with his wife, Romaine, giving evidence for the opposing side and refusing to support his alibi.

Whose side is Romaine really on? Could this all just be part of a complex plan to prove her husband’s innocence? And can Leonard survive the testimonies made against him? In the end, the jury decides… it’s up to you!

See you in court. Book Witness for the Prosecution tickets in London on TodayTix.

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It’s not often that you can watch a play within a council chamber. London County Hall is the ideal setting for the Witness for the Prosecution London courtroom drama. Thanks to Lucy Bailey's direction and William Dudley's design, you’ll feel like you are watching a real trial unfold.

Even though Agatha Christie wrote dozens of stories and was hailed as the ‘Queen of Crime’, Witness for the Prosecution was one of her favourite works. In her autobiography, she stated that the first night of Witness for the Prosecution was one of her favourite memories at the theatre. Agatha Christie’s gripping story of justice, passion and betrayal now comes alive in the 21st century.

Be like Agatha Christie and enjoy an unforgettable trip to the theatre, so book Witness for the Prosecution tickets on TodayTix today.

What to Watch For:

  • County Hall served as the headquarters of London County Council and the Greater London Council for 64 years. It provided seating for over 200 council members and four galleries for the public and members of the press.
  • Agatha Christie wrote the short story. The story was previously called Traitor's Hands. There’s two Agatha Christie plays in London: Witness for the Prosecution and The Mousetrap.
  • Look out for the limited number of VIP jury seats. In a VIP jury seat, you will be sitting in the jury box as the case unfolds and will help decide the final verdict in Witness for the Prosecution.
Run time

2hrs 20min (incl. interval)

Start date

September 27th, 2022


Immersive, Plays


London County Hall


Parental guidance. Babes in arms are not permitted.

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