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Jeremy Jordan on Returning to Broadway in ‘American Son’

October 3, 2018 by Suzy Evans
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Jeremy Jordan. (Photographed by Sophy Holland)

Last time Jeremy Jordan was on Broadway, he was belting “Santa Fe” from the rooftops as Jack Kelly in “Newsies” and earning a Tony Award nomination for his performance. Since then he’s ventured to Tinseltown, earning accolades for his portrayal of tortured songwriter Jimmy Collins in “Smash” and falling in love with a superhero as Winn Schott in “Supergirl.” And now he’s finally back, for his first time in a play, in “American Son.”

“I’ve been trying to come back for a while,” Jordan said. “I came back from shooting my TV show and like two or three weeks later I got this play. And I was like, ‘Well, Here we go.’”

“American Son” is set in a police station, where an estranged couple (Kerry Washington and Steven Pasquale) come looking for answers about their son. Jordan plays Officer Paul Larkin, a cop involved in investigating the case.

“I’ve always wanted to do a play on Broadway,” Jordan said. “I’ve done plays in my career before I was anybody. As soon as people found out I could sing, that was that.”

Jordan is excited to take the stage without songs and really get to the heart of the story, which is showcasing issues and discussions at the forefront of our culture right now.

“There’s the whole argument that it legitimizes you, doing a straight play. I just think it’s a really exciting way of telling a story,” Jordan says. “You can’t really get more natural than a play that takes place in modern day, in real time, at a police station. I guess I hadn’t really realized that I was missing being a part of something that could really influence people and be a pivotal moment in theater and change people’s perspectives. We often get caught up in our own sort of selfish reasons for performing, and to be reminded that the power of theater and the power of what I do and how that can change the world in a positive way. I’m going to jump on that any chance I get.”

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