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Get no fees on New York theatre tickets during Fee-Free February

January 31, 2022 by TodayTix
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Happy February! This month is the best time to buy shows, because it’s not just February — it’s also Fee-Free February here at TodayTix. For a limited time, we have no-fee tickets available for shows all over New York, from Broadway musicals to classic plays to brand-new operas. And it’s super easy to take advantage of these incredible ticket deals. Just open the TodayTix app or visit TodayTix.com to see which shows are participating, and then buy tickets. No fees attached!

However, you need to act fast. Supply is limited and new shows and tickets are released each day. So keep an eye on our social channels, your email inbox, and the TodayTix app for announcements about which shows are joining Fee-Free February and when, and be the first to grab your no-fee tickets! New shows will be added throughout the month. In the meantime, we’ve answered all your questions about Fee-Free February and how to get the best theatre tickets in New York.

Get theatre tickets in New York on TodayTix.

What is Fee-Free February?

Fee-Free February is a monthlong promotion on TodayTix, where you can get tickets to certain Broadway and Off-Broadway shows without paying any added fees. So if a ticket is $30, you’ll pay exactly $30! Throughout the month, new shows will be added to Fee-Free February on TodayTix.com and the TodayTix app. If a show you’re looking for doesn’t have fee-free tickets early in the month, keep checking back to see if it’s joined!

What shows can I get tickets for during Fee-Free February?

It’s a surprise! We’ll announce which shows have Fee-Free February tickets throughout the month, starting on February 1. What we can tell you is that Fee-Free February will include tickets to Broadway hits, new Off-Broadway shows, and more!

In addition, Fee-Free February tickets are available for all seating sections, whether you’re buying a ticket in the very front row or the back of the balcony.

How long are Fee-Free February tickets available?

Once a show is announced, Fee-Free February tickets for that show will be available until the end of the month. There isn’t a fixed time — for example, whether a show is announced on February 2 or 20, the promotion will end on February 28. However, Fee-Free February tickets are only available while supplies last, so shows that are announced early in the month may sell out quickly.

And don’t forget: even if Fee-Free February tickets sell out, you can still get regular tickets to all your favorite shows on TodayTix at any time.

Are fee-free tickets just for performances in February?

No. Fee-Free February applies to all purchases made in February. You can buy a ticket to a performance in February, or March, or October, or any other month, just like you normally would on the TodayTix app or TodayTix.com. As long as you buy during February after your chosen show has been announced, you’ll pay no fees!

Do I need a voucher code to get no fees on tickets during Fee-Free February?

No, fees will automatically be deducted from your purchase. You don’t need a special discount code. When you’re on the ticket page, you’ll see a message saying that your show has no-fee tickets available. If you see that message, you’ll know it’s part of Fee-Free February!

How do I know when new Fee-Free February shows are announced, and what they are?

We’ll be announcing new Fee-Free February shows on our social channels and via email all month long. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see our posts when shows become available, and sign up to receive our super awesome emails! That way, you’ll be the first to know about which shows are offering fee-free tickets. The TodayTix app and website will also highlight which shows are included each day, so you’ll be able to see what shows are available when you’re ready to buy.