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Female Writers Feature Heavily In Upcoming Royal Court Season

21 July 2017 by Emily Moulder
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The iconic Royal Court (currently showing road – Rush tickets available!) have announced their upcoming 2017/2018 season and it’s a thrill to see so many female playwrights’ work featured. Two thirds of the creators in the new season are women and includes world and UK premieres, Royal Court debuts and international works.

The Royal Court is a home for new writing, supporting and nurturing developing writers and directors, as well as welcoming back celebrated creators. Artistic Director Vicky Featherstone‘s new season features a strong lineup of female writers and directors who they can support and promote.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Reid for Royal Court

Vicky, also Director of Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour (an all-female cast), has been a leading figure in theatre, serving at the Royal Court since 2013, and has been vocal about needing great representation for women and people of colour. In a recent interview with the Guardian, Vicky said of her feelings on feminism in the current climate, “People feel they have much more right to put complex female characters on stage. I think that’s really exciting. Flawed women on stage, women that are asking questions that previously men would ask, about sex, about pornography – there’s really been an opening up about that. But I still feel we have a way to go. There was this piece of research done about 10 years ago that asked young black kids about their favourite characters from children’s story books and none of them came up with a black character. It’s a massive thing, role models, and I feel that theatre – because that’s what I know – is in the middle of a big change around that.”

Here’s what you can look forward to in the upcoming 2017/2018 season at the Royal Court:


B by Guillermo Calderón

28 September to 21 October
Directed by Sam Pritchard

Alejandra and Marcela are planting bombs in the middle of the night. They don’t want violence. They just want to be heard. Prison’s not much of a threat when most of your friends are inside.

Victory Condition by Chris Thorpe

5 October to 21 October
Directed by Vicky Featherstone

An attempt to get to grips with the fact that everything happens at once. And to see if there’s anything we can do about it.

Minefield by Lola Arias

2 to 11 November
Directed by Lola Arias

Soldier, veteran, human – these men have stories to share as they take us from the horrors of war to today’s uncertainties, with brutal honesty and startling humour.

Bad Roads by Natal’ya Vorozhbit, translated by Sasha Dugdale

15 November to 23 December
Directed by Vicky Featherstone

In the darkest recesses of Ukraine, a war is raging. A journalist takes a research trip to the front line. Teenage girls wait for soldiers on benches. A medic mourns her lover killed in action. Heart-breaking, powerful and bitterly comic accounts of what it is  to be a woman in wartime.

Goats by Liwaa Yazji, translated by Katharine Halls

24 November to 30 December
Directed by Hamish Pirie

In a small town in Syria, soldiers are celebrated as heroes and grieving families are nourished on propaganda. As the coffins pile up, the local party leader decides on a radical compensation scheme: a goat for each son martyred.

Grimly Handsome by Julia Jarcho

6 to 23 December
Production created by Sam Pritchard and Chloe Lamford

In an unnamed American city, two strangers sell Christmas trees on the sidewalk; two cops work to solve a killing spree; and a young woman finds herself transforming in ways she could never have imagined.

My Mum’s a Tw*t by Anoushka Warden

8 to 20 January 2018
Directed by Vicky Featherstone

One girl’s funny, frank account of losing her Mum to a cult. (As if growing up wasn’t hard enough already…) A celebration of teenage rebellion and resilience.

Rita, Sue and Bob Too by Andrea Dunbar

9 to 27 January 2018
Directed by Max Stafford-Clark

Best friends Rita and Sue get a lift home from married Bob after babysitting his kids. When he takes the scenic route and offers them a bit of fun, the three start a fling they each think they control.

Gundog by Simon Longman

31 January to 10 March
Directed by Vicky Featherstone

On a farm in the middle of nowhere, sisters Becky and Anna try to hold their family together after the death of their mother. Time is always moving somewhere – but here it’s very quiet. When they discover a stranger wandering  aimlessly across the land, the three establish an unlikely partnership in their determination to survive.

Girls and Boys by Dennis Kelly

8 February to 10 March
Directed by Lyndsey Turner

An unexpected meeting at an airport leads to an intense, passionate, head-over-heels relationship. Before long they begin to settle down, buy a house, juggle careers, have kids – theirs is an ordinary family. But then their world starts to unravel and things take a disturbing turn.

Black Men Walking by Testament

21 March to 7 April
Directed by Dawn Walton

Thomas, Matthew and Richard walk. They walk the first Saturday of every month. Walking and talking. But this walk… Maybe they should have cancelled, but they needed the walk today. Out in the Peaks, they find themselves forced to walk backwards through two thousand years before they can move forwards.


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