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BATSU!  The Live Japanese Gameshow Experience
BATSU! The Live Japanese Gameshow Experience Tickets

BATSU! The Live Japanese Gameshow Experience Tickets

New York, NY

About BATSU! The Live Japanese Gameshow Experience

Comedy meets competition in BATSU! The Live Japanese Gameshow Experience. Set in an East Village comedy club, the singular Off-Broadway experience BATSU! sees four skilled comedians competing in various challenges to avoid (light) punishments as hilarious as the games themselves. Think speakeasy meets extreme game show: sip on elevated drinks while comedians vie for the supreme honor of not being humiliated by bizarre, funny punishments.

Thrillist calls BATSU! The Live Japanese Gameshow Experience “hilarious, strange, and kind of sick,” so this is certainly a one-of-a-kind experience great for all kinds of audiences, both those who might not be familiar with the comedy scene and want something unique and those who often see comedy but want to see the medium explored in a fresh way. The event is an “East Village sensation” (Asian Fusion), and — given the strange punishments for comedians missing the mark — this is the kind of show where the performers “are not missing around” (The Village Voice).

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BATSU! The Live Japanese Gameshow Experience is where comedy, game shows, and experimental theatre intersect. The title comes from a style of Japanese comedy known as "batsu games" (罰ゲーム), in which comedians participate in different competitions. The gag? The winner doesn’t only earn pride; they also stave off hilarious punishments. Losing players endure comical punishments, including electric shocks, paintballs, and — of course — a giant egg-smashing chicken. But don’t worry: it’s all in good fun!

If you are looking for a special night out, BATSU! The Live Japanese Gameshow Experience offers a memorable evening for audiences of all ages. The show blends improv with game show strategy and is an immersive comedy and dining experience — and the food is as delicious as the humor! As a quartet of comedians vies in hilarious competition, at the end of the two-hour event, only one winner will be crowned, culminating the night with the honor of striking the “Gong of Punishment.”

What to Watch For

BATSU! The Live Japanese Gameshow Experience celebrates AAPI/Asian artists. Honoring a Japanese game culture, BATSU! promotes international fellowship by bringing an Asian art form to New York to diversify and enrich its dynamic comedy scene. Even when the comedians endure funny punishments, know it’s all in the name of inclusivity and belonging!

  • The show embraces a "yokocho" (横丁・横町) energy. In Japan, a "yokocho" is an alleyway packed with restaurants, shops, and dive bars tucked off the main street in a bustling area. BATSU!, then, offers speakeasy energy to audiences hungry for an off-the-beaten-path experience.
  • Seeing a batsu show means entering a spellbinding world. Unlike at other performances where an usher greets you at the door and tears your ticket, BATSU! The Live Japanese Gameshow Experience offers something new. Patrons will go through the door marked only with a lantern before entering an assuming sushi shop. This is just the start of your journey: after walking through a Kogame kitchen, you’ll find your way to the show.
  • You can always elevate the experience. With a VIP ticket, you’ll get the best seats in the house and be greeted by a hostess (donning an authentic Japanese kimono). You’ll have access to a warm "oshibori" (towel) to freshen up before the meal, plus a BATSU!-branded headband, or "hachimaki," which were historically worn by warriors.

Run time

2 hours

Start date

January 10th, 2011


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