The Shark Is Broken on Broadway Tickets
The Shark Is Broken on Broadway: What to expect - 1
The Shark Is Broken on Broadway: What to expect - 2
The Shark Is Broken on Broadway: What to expect - 3
New York, NY

The Shark Is Broken on Broadway Tickets

This new play about Spielberg’s hit film has more bite than a Great White.
The Shark Is Broken on Broadway: What to expect - 1
The Shark Is Broken on Broadway: What to expect - 2
The Shark Is Broken on Broadway: What to expect - 3
The Shark Is Broken on Broadway Tickets

About The Shark Is Broken on Broadway

They're gonna need a bigger theatre! The Shark Is Broken, a deep dive behind the scenes of Steven Spielberg's Jaws, sinks its teeth into Broadway this summer. Get The Shark Is Broken tickets on TodayTix, and see this hilarious show that's already made waves in the U.K. and Canada.

It's 1974 on Martha's Vineyard, and actors Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, and Roy Scheider are on a boat, ready to shoot Jaws. But the weather's lousy, the mechanical shark broke down (again), and everyone's at their wits' end. Co-writer Ian Shaw, Robert Shaw's son, plays his father in this thrilling, Olivier Award-nominated account of the on-set drama that erupted when filming went less than swimmingly.

Jaws fans will delight in this uproarious, up-close look at how the landmark movie was made, plus one of the most famous feuds in film history.

Spend your summer on Amity Island by seeing The Shark Is Broken. Get The Shark Is Broken Broadway tickets on TodayTix.

Run time

1h 35m

Start date

July 25th, 2023



Recommended for ages 14+

The Shark Is Broken on Broadway: What to expect - 1
The Shark Is Broken on Broadway: What to expect - 2
The Shark Is Broken on Broadway: What to expect - 3

1K+ Reviews

Elisa 9119

Elisa 9119

615 Reviews | 286 Followers
Entertaining, Funny, Intelligent, Great staging, Great acting

See it if Three outstanding actors,stuck in a boat during the filming of Jaws,give a "jaw" droppin perf while discussin art,money,fame,fatherhood etc*

Don’t see it if Watching the movie would be helpful with some references.



772 Reviews | 424 Followers
Entertaining, Great acting, Great writing, Refreshing, Clever

See it if A sure fire hit with all of the outstanding components including acting, directing, set, lighting & script. Bravo!

Don’t see it if No negative comments.

Phil 9070

Phil 9070

414 Reviews | 96 Followers
Great acting, Funny, Entertaining, Delightful

See it if I must admit I went into this play a little hesitant about the subject matter but what a pleasant surprise. This features great acting by

Don’t see it if All 3 principles especially Ian Shaw portraying his father. Also many humorous moments making for an enjoyable afternoon. Highly recommended



314 Reviews | 188 Followers
Mainly about actor & acting, Thought-provoking, Stage too big, Great staging, Great acting

See it if 90 min no intermission. If you’re here for the shark you’ll be disappointed. The projection is amazing, but only as a time indicator..

Don’t see it if It’s the JAW’s “3 leads on set” talking about filming. You’ll glance a bit about actors’ process and life, and empathize with them.

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Stars on stage

Alex Brightman

Alex Brightman

The Shark Is Broken on Broadway cast and creative team

By: Ian Shaw and Joseph Nixon
Director: Guy Masterson
Cast list: Ian Shaw (as Robert Shaw)
Design: Duncan Henderson
Costumes: Duncan Henderson
Lighting: Jon Clark
Sound: Adam Cork
Other info: Original music by Adam Cork, video design by Nina Dunn


252 West 45th Street (between Broadway and 8th Avenue), New York, NY, USA, 10036


Accommodations for patrons who are blind, deaf, partially sighted, and/or have hearing loss; partial wheelchair access

More information about The Shark Is Broken on Broadway

Though parts of the story are exaggerated for comic effect, The Shark Is Broken is based on real happenings on the Jaws set. Filming went 104 days past schedule, which surely increased tensions. Plus, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss really did feud, with Shaw reportedly provoking Dreyfuss. The actors never saw eye to eye, but some say their feud made their performances more believable, as the tension between their characters felt real.

Ian Shaw's take on these events premiered in 2019, selling out its run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. That success buoyed The Shark Is Broken all the way to London's West End in 2021, where it earned an Olivier nomination for Best Entertainment or Comedy Play, and to Toronto in 2022.

The premiere of The Shark Is Broken in New York is a homecoming of sorts, as the story of Jaws originated on Long Island. Peter Benchley's 1974 Jaws novel, which inspired the film, is based on the career of shark fisherman Frank Mundus, who worked in Montauk in 1964.

What to Watch For

  • The shark in Jaws was named Bruce after Spielberg's lawyer.
  • Because the mechanical sharks kept breaking, Spielberg decided to use ominous music to suggest the shark's presence instead of showing it. Now, John Williams's Jaws theme is one of the most iconic film scores in history!
  • Robert Shaw died when Ian Shaw was only 8, so Ian didn't hear his father's stories from set firsthand — he assembled The Shark Is Broken from research and stories from his stepmother Virginia, who was on set.
  • Before the release of Jaws, film studios released their low-performing movies in the summer. Jaws was the first "summer blockbuster" that turned the season into a prime time for movie releases.
  • Jaws is also the movie that made Spielberg a household name. It was his second feature film after The Sugarland Express.

Please Note

This production features strong language and references to alcohol and drugs. The use of cameras, cell phones, and other recording devices is strictly prohibited by law, except when used for accessibility services. No weapons permitted on the premesis. No outside food or beverages, electric scooters, e-bikes, or battery-powered transportation devices, except when medically necessary. All items are subject to inspection and must fit on your lap or completely under your seat without blocking any aisles.

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