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The new musical about a Dreamer from voices we need to be listening to.
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About ¡Americano!

The new musical ¡Americano! tells the true story of Tony Valdovinos.

Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, Tony is inspired by the events of 9/11 to serve in the Marines. His childhood and high school years are focused on the singular goal of enlisting on his 18th birthday. But when he tries, Tony discovers he is an undocumented immigrant, a Dreamer. With grit, determination, and help from his family and community, Tony discovers a new mission: one that can make history, create more good, and inspire more change than he ever could as a Marine.

With an energetic score by the Ameri-Chicana singer-songwriter Carrie Rodriguez and exuberant choreography by Sergio Mejia, ¡Americano! challenges preconceived notions and reminds us that America’s strength has always been its melting pot, and the enterprising immigrants who #PaveTheWay.

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¡Americano! is a New York-premiere musical about a DREAMer with a dream, based on the true story of Tony Valdovinos. Get ¡Americano! tickets on TodayTix.

The ¡Americano! musical begins during Tony's Phoenix, Arizona childhood, when all he wanted was to be a Marine. Following the events of 9/11, that became his dream, as he thought he could help and protect the most people that way. Tony holds tight to that dream all the way until his 18th birthday — when he's told he can't enlist. It's because he's an undocumented immigrant, which he didn't know until then.

Tony doesn't let the end of his Marine ambitions stop him, though. Learning more about undocumented immigrants ends up propelling him toward a new dream, with the support of his friends and family. He goes into politics, creating policy to benefit immigrants and Latin Americans like him, and it's a career he holds today. ¡Americano! honors the contributions of immigrants to American success and how the nation's greatest strength is in its diversity, if the contributions of all its diverse citizens are acknowledged and celebrated.

The musical itself celebrates the talents of diverse voices in its creative team, including multiple Latin American creatives. Music and lyrics are by Ameri-Chicana singer-songwriter Carrie Rodriguez, with additional lyrics by Jonathan Rosenberg and director Michael Barnard. Barnard and Rosenberg wrote the book with Fernanda Santos, and choreography is by Sergio Mejia.

Tickets to ¡Americano! off Broadway are available now. Get tickets to ¡Americano! in New York on TodayTix.

What to Watch For

  • It's only fitting that a musical about a Phoenix native premiered in Phoenix. ¡Americano! has been in the works since 2015 and premiered in 2020 with The Phoenix Theatre Company — the venue where Steven Spielberg debuted his first movie.
  • ¡Americano! has already set some records. It set an all-time box office record for an original production in Arizona, and the ¡Americano! Off-Broadway production is now the first Arizona-born musical to go up in New York.
  • The first performance of ¡Americano! in New York is on March 31, the birthday of civil rights activist Cesar Chavez. Some Latin Americans observe it as a day of service.
  • Chicanos Por La Causa is an advocacy group that provides housing, educational, and economic support to the Latin American community in the Southwestern U.S. The organization funded the New York premiere of ¡Americano!, which celebrates a person doing similar advocacy work.
  • Valdovinos used his new political career to support the Marines in other ways, even though he couldn't become one. He helped get former U.S. Marine Ruben Gallego elected to Congress on behalf of Arizona in 2015, and he still holds his seat.
Run time

2h 30m

Start date

March 31st, 2022

End date

June 19th, 2022




New World Stages


May be inappropriate for 12 and under.


Tickets are not currently available. Set an alert and we'll tell you when more tickets go on sale.

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