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New York, NY

On Sugarland Tickets

Obie Award-winning playwright Aleshea Harris' newest work.
On Sugarland: What to expect - 1
On Sugarland: What to expect - 2
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On Sugarland Tickets

About On Sugarland

Sugarland is on precarious soil—three mobile homes line a southern cul-de-sac replete with years and years of decorative folk-art treasures and keepsakes. Young Sadie calls on generations of matriarchal ancestors to find the truth about her mother while the denizens of Sugarland rise each day to holler for the dead—conscripted soldiers lost to a greedy war—in a ritual reclamation of timeless grief.

This sweeping new work from Obie Award-winning playwright Aleshea Harris (Is God Is, What to Send Up When It Goes Down) is at once a spectacular pageant and spirited meditation on remarkable people transcending difficult circumstances. On Sugarland brings joyous life to communal healing with a glorious ensemble of 14 performers in a production directed by Obie Award winner, NYTW Usual Suspect & former 2050 Fellow Whitney White (What to Send Up When It Goes Down) and choreographed by Raja Feather Kelly (Hurricane Diane, The House That Will Not Stand)

Start date

February 7th, 2022

End date

March 20th, 2022


On Sugarland: What to expect - 1
On Sugarland: What to expect - 2
On Sugarland: What to expect - 3
On Sugarland: What to expect - 4
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On Sugarland: What to expect - 5

38 Reviews

Wish I Could See Them All

Wish I Could See Them All

803 Reviews | 253 Followers
Great writing / acting / directing / staging, Resonant, Theatrical, Ambitious, Intense

See it if Powerful dramatic characters and sweeping themes. Took its time to develop, but held my interest with great theatrics & humor.

Don’t see it if You prefer a clear, linear story. The author uses dialog fragments, chanting/dance, sound/lights, and symbolism to help convey themes.



770 Reviews | 424 Followers
Masterful, Intelligent, Great staging, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if This powerful & must see drama weaves a story of African-Americans young men & fighting for their country.

Don’t see it if If you wanted a musical with happy thoughts then this is not your show!

Michael Elsasser

Michael Elsasser

273 Reviews | 84 Followers
Masterful, Profound, Resonant, Hilarious, Great staging

See it if lives on this cul-de-sac are kind of quirky yet relatable. Their lives are in the grasp of war and grief and racism. Life shared uniquely

Don’t see it if It’s not a musical and it is very earthy and emotional. Racism touches every aspect of our lives and this might be hard to hear



558 Reviews | 136 Followers
Challenging, Memorable, Great writing

See it if you like surreal allegorical plays, very well-written and smartly directed,epic & intimate,poetic & character-driven, ritualistic & casual.

Don’t see it if you need a simple narrative story, get easily confused, dislike any kind of artistic repetition, or just don't like long plays.

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On Sugarland cast and creative team

By: Aleshea Harris
Director: Whitney White


79 East 4th Street, New York, NY, United States, 10003

More information about On Sugarland

Aleshea Harris's new play, On Sugarland, explores the connections and divides between generations in a small community with a storied history. Get On Sugarland tickets on TodayTix.

On Sugarland is a play, ritual, and meditation on grief and history all in one. The story centers around Sadie, a precocious 12-year-old girl with a self-proclaimed ability to talk to the dead. She is raised by her aunt in the titular Sugarland, a cul-de-sac community of trailer homes stuffed with historical knickknacks and folk-art treasures from multiple generations. The aunt, Odella, is often drunk and underestimates Sadie's intelligence, leading Sadie to want to learn more about her mother, who she knows little about.

Sadie uses her abilities to call on her deceased matriarchal ancestors that went before her. Meanwhile, the other residents of Sugarland call upon their dead every day and share their grief. On Sugarland is at once a young girl's quest to learn about, and grieve for, the generations before her, as well as a whole people's communal sharing of grief that they experience and reclaim together. Whether physical or spiritual, On Sugarland reinforces the connections among community members.

Harris is the playwright of the Relentless Award-winning play Is God Is, which played off-Broadway in 2018. She also wrote the play/pageant/ritual What To Send Up When It Goes Down, which played at The Public Theater in 2020 and Playwrights Horizons in 2021. Obie Award-winning director Whitney White, who helmed that show, collaborates with Harris once again to direct the world premiere of On Sugarland off-Broadway.

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What to Watch For

  • Aleshea Harris is known for her use of typography in written scripts to convey emotion or delivery. Whispered lines are written in small type, for example, and drawn-out words will have spaces between the letters. You won't see this on stage, of course, but you can visualize how the words look when you hear them aloud!
  • Since On Sugarland is about bridging generations, it's only fitting that Harris herself includes historical material in her contemporary play! Sadie's opening monologue includes a line about an energized "frequency" that runs through her body and connects her to her ancestors and other girls like her. That line is inspired by Sojourner Truth's 1851 "Ain't I A Woman" speech.
  • Harris took inspiration from contemporary pop culture while writing On Sugarland, too. Harris crafted personality of a middle-aged character named Evelyn, for example, based on the singer Eartha Kitt, the drag performer Lady Chablis, Aunt Viv from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and her own Auntie Jem.
  • Like On Sugarland, Harris's play What To Send Up When It Goes Down draws a lot on ritual and characters perform many ritualistic actions. Both these plays focus on different practices, healing, and community specfically among Black people. In On Sugarland, "Every character in this play has an individual self-restoration ritual," as Harris wrote in a published, annotated excerpt of the play, but the community also performs rituals with and for others, and finds healing in each other.


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