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The TodayTix Hunt4Ham: Frequently Asked Questions

August 4, 2017 by Janelle Miley
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So you’ve heard about the TodayTix Hunt4Ham and you’re excited to find out more. Great! Or maybe you’re a skeptic who’s trying to make sure this isn’t some elaborate scam. That’s understandable, too! Either way, we’re here to answer all your burning questions about the best way to win a pair of totally free tickets to Hamilton in LA.


What is the Hunt4Ham, exactly?

Hunt4Ham is a weekly scavenger hunt that takes you all over the City of Angels for a chance to win free tickets to Hamilton at the Hollywood Pantages. We’ll give you hints each week that will indicate where the tickets are, and we will meet you there – X marks the spot. The first Hunt4Ham follower to arrive gets a free pair of tickets for that evening’s performance! Yes, it really is that simple.

Where will the tickets be?

Well, giving away the locations sort of spoils the fun, doesn’t it? We can tell you this: the tickets will be all over LA, from Silver Lake to Santa Monica, DTLA to Pasadena. You’ll find us in iconic landmarks and cool local businesses. Nowhere is off limits! So no matter which neighborhood you live in, there’s a good chance that the Hunt4Ham will be coming to a spot near you. This is why it’s crucial to sign up for clues if you want a head start on finding us each week!

Okay, so how do the clues work?

Head to to sign up for clues. On a weekly basis, you’ll get an email announcing the clue and a secret password. We’ll also drop additional hints throughout the TodayTix app. On the day of the hunt, we’ll send you a push notification confirming the timing and reminding you to join in on the fun!

When is the Hunt4Ham happening?

Hunt4Ham will happen every week during the entirety of Hamilton’s run in Los Angeles. Sometimes the hunt will be on a weekend, sometimes it will be on a weekday. So if you miss out on the first hunt, don’t panic – there will be plenty more chances for you to win!

Wait, is this really free?

Yep, Hunt4Ham is completely, absolutely, 100% FREE! On the day of the hunt, winners will receive two tickets to that evening’s performance, at no cost and no strings attached.

Who runs the Hunt4Ham?

The Hunt4Ham is produced by TodayTix, an app and website that helps culture lovers discover the best theater in town. The Hunt4Ham has no official affiliation with Hamilton. We at TodayTix are just big fans of the show and we love a good scavenger hunt (who doesn’t?).

What if I show up and the tickets have already been claimed?

Bummer! While this outcome is inevitable for some, we know it’s not ideal. So we’ll have other goodies on-hand to make sure no Hamilton hopefuls go home empty-handed. And you can always try your luck the following week!

What if I show up at the same time as someone else?

Make sure you’ve brushed up on your Hamilton knowledge! In the event of a tie, we’ll ask you some fun trivia questions to determine the winner.

This sounds like way too much fun. How do I sign up again?

We think it’ll be a lot of fun, too! To make sure you don’t throw away your shot, go to and sign up for updates. You can also set up push notifications on the TodayTix app, and follow us on social media for the complete Hunt4Ham experience. Now, onward!