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Les Misérables Meets Mean Girls

25 January 2018 by Emily Moulder
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In far corners of the Internet (mostly this one incredible tumblr), fans of musical theatre and of movies have mashed two fandoms together to create something amazing. If you’re into niche musical theatre/pop culture references, this is Les Misérables meets Mean Girls.

There is no explanation. It’s just amazing.

When Fantine was on trend.


Enjorlas has had it.

This one explains so much.

When Jean Valjean was savage.


The mother/daughter relationship that was definitely not goals.

Oh, Fantine does not get a happy ending in any version of her story.

Jean Valjean > Regina George.

Righteous mission for justice or stalker-like obsession?

This one goes out to Jean Valjean, who can never catch a break. 

If you need to get your musical theatre fix now with both these shows, Mean Girls the Musical opens in New York March 2018 and the iconic Les Misérables is playing in London!

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