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6 Reasons We’re Obsessed with Harmony & Invention

February 22, 2017 by CJ Schwartz
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When you hear the phrase “Baroque Music,” your first thought might not be “that sounds like such a cool night out.” But get ready for us to ba-rock your world, because Music of the Baroque’s Harmony & Invention has arrived in Chicago, and we’re obsessed with their thoughtfully curated and expertly performed concert. Read on to find out why:

Baroque Music is Innovative.


The 21st century has already brought us a great deal of artistic innovation (hello, Hamilton!) but one only has to look back a few hundred years to see that the Baroque era was a time of similarly staggering innovation. Baroque music presented a stark departure from the “old-fashioned” music of the Renaissance; it was truly the first time that composers realized that music could exist as a primary source of entertainment in society.

Dinner Music (It’s a thing)


Tafelmusik is a term to describe music from the mid-16th century that’s tailored specifically for feasts and banquets. The music is of a lighter nature than music for other occasions, and it’s generally delightful to listen to! Telemann may indeed have been thinking about Baroque banquets and the timing of dinner service when he composed his masterful “Table Music.”

Nicholas Kraemer.


Seeing Nicholas Kraemer in action is worth your ticket alone; Kraemer has been conducting Music of the Baroque since 2002, and his career is one of worldwide acclaim. He began his career as a harpsichordist, and has conducted everywhere from Norway to Japan!

The Venue.


Music of the Baroque’s Monday performance is at the Harris Theater in Millennium Park. A stunning architectural achievement right in the loop so your pre-concert dinner or post-concert drink options are plentiful.

Gina DiBello


Gina Dibello is the newest concertmaster of Music of the Baroque; she’s an accomplished soloist, virtuosic performer, and a total delight! Bonus points: she’s also a Chicago native.

The Drama.


This concert features Vivaldi’s dramatic Storm at Sea Violin Concerto, originally composed for his students at a Venetian orphanage whose residents were the illegitimate daughters of Italian nobles.

So there you have it, 6 of many reasons we’re obsessed with Music of the Baroque and their upcoming concert Harmony & Invention. Tap here to snag tickets from just $14.