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5 Reasons to Love Outdoor Movie Screenings in Los Angeles

July 30, 2018 by Ashley Lee
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The Montalbán

Yes, there are a million ways to spend a summer night in LA: a quiet evening on a sandy beach, a cooling stroll in a hot museum, a fun get-together at a crowded brewery. But don’t discount this city’s outdoor movie screenings, especially as they’re held in the entertainment capital of the world.

The Montalbán is one of the best locations to catch a classic film, and this summer’s more than 20 offerings include “Dirty Dancing,” “Pretty in Pink,” “The Big Lebowski,” and more. You can get exclusive $15 tickets to screenings, only on TodayTix.

Here are five reasons to snag a seat at an outdoor movie screening in LA this summer.

1. West Coast weather.
An outdoor movie screening in much more humid regions (New York, ahem) requires at least a hand towel for wiping away all that sweat. But this particular activity takes place just as the city’s signature dry heat cools down, making this event one that’s more enjoyable than exhaustive.

2. Lovely locations.
Screenings throughout the season are set at a slew of LA’s local parks, so moviegoers can simply pack a beach towel or a blanket, sit somewhere on the grass and appreciate their neighborhood spot. For an elevated experience, opt for the vintage-style beach chairs that top The Montalbán.

3. Fun and games.
An outdoor movie screening in LA can be a full-fledged event, completed by some games with friends before the film begins. Once you’ve picked a prime place in front of the screen, take out that deck of cards or load that Heads Up! app. If you’re lucky, the venue might have already have a giant Jenga set or a themed photobooth!

4. Awesome offerings.
Movies of all genres are playing throughout the summer: family-friendly films like “Coco” and “The Sandlot,” cinephile favorites like “Boogie Nights” and “The Usual Suspects,” recent releases like “Ready Player One” and “Avengers Infinity War,” and, of course, the classics, like “Some Like It Hot” and “Scarface.”

5. Bites and beverages.
Half the fun of hitting one of these screenings is indulging in the accompanying culinary selections. Be sure to check out the brew booths and food trucks stationed onsite for the night. The Montalban’s rooftop offers a customized menu from Umami Burger, plus concession stand candies, craft beers, cocktails and wines.

Get $15 tickets to film screenings at The Montalbán this summer!