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Video: See Bananaman’s Villain Sing!

19 December 2017 by Emily Moulder
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Bananaman is now playing at the Southwark Playhouse and we have to say it’s possibly the most British musical we’ve ever seen!

Based on the classic ‘Dandy’ and ‘Beano’ star Bananaman, started in 1980, he was turned into a TV star by the popular cartoon. The show follows the adventures of the hapless hero against various bad guys but the biggest and the baddest were General Blight and Doctor Gloom, who are once again attempting world domination.

Originally a send up of heroes like Superman, Captain Marvel and Marvelman, Bananaman is now beloved in his own right and now London gets to see him in all his glory. Although the glory probably should really go to his sidekick, a talking Crow who often helps our hero out of a jam.

Take a look behind the scenes at a recording of the villain Doctor Gloom (Marc Pickering) and the cast of the show singing “A Call To Action”!

Book your tickets see Bananaman at the Southwark Playhouse until 20th January.

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