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Book tickets to these London Theatre Week shows for less than the price of…

20 February 2022 by TodayTix
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People sometimes assume that theatre tickets are expensive, but that doesn’t have to be true. That’s what TodayTix is all about, after all! And there’s no better time to get tickets than during London Theatre Week. From 21 February to 13 March, we’ve got some of the year’s best ticket prices to all your favourite shows for a limited time.

A theatre ticket isn’t just a thing — it’s an experience. Getting London Theatre Week tickets is only your first step to a fun outing with your friends, a perfect date night, or discovering your new favourite show you can see again and again (for a great price!).

To show just how great of an investment theatre tickets are, we’ve compared their prices to other things you could be getting. But with the money you save, you can have a fun-filled experience at a West End show and still have room in your budget!

Book London Theatre Week tickets on TodayTix.


Wicked tickets for less than one short day of adventure

Of course, the possibilities for a day of adventure are unlimited — you could simply spend a day walking around London to take in the sights without spending a single pound. But if you want to travel and see the sights of a new city, like Glinda and Elphaba do in the Emerald City, you’ll need to budget for train fare, food, attractions, and souvenirs — you could end up spending £100 or more!

But you don’t need to spend that much for a gravity-defying adventure at Wicked, which has £15 tickets available for London Theatre Week. Your one short day in Oz with Glinda and Elphaba is included!

Book Wicked London Theatre Week tickets on TodayTix.

Rosie, Donna, and Tanya from Mamma Mia! standing and singing in a doorway

Mamma Mia! tickets for less than a Greek food dinner

If you were to make like Donna and take your best girlfriends out for Greek food, it would easily cost £30 each, if not more, for drinks, appetisers, and desserts. But a Mamma Mia! ticket is only £25 during London Theatre Week. And what’s better than eating Greek food? Feeling like you’re in Greece as you rock out to the songs of ABBA, of course! With the dough you save on tickets, you and your friends could still go out for a pre-show Greek dinner. Sounds like a great deal for your money, money, money!

Book Mamma Mia! London Theatre Week tickets on TodayTix.

the ensemble of les miserables standing on barricades in front of a large red flag

Les Misérables tickets for less than the price of a French meal

You can’t even get a wine and an entree at a French restaurant for £35. Maybe, just maybe, you can buy some really fancy artisan loaves of bread. But £35 can get you a ticket to Les Misérables during London Theatre Week. We may be biased, but we think that’s a much better use of funds. You can hear the people sing at the longest-running West End musical, and you’ll feel like the master of the house when you get a prime seat for a great price.

Book Les Misérables London Theatre Week tickets on TodayTix.


Tina: The Tina Turner Musical tickets for less than rock concert tickets

Rock concert tickets can go for over £150 these days. And if it’s Tina Turner’s rock music you want to hear, the opportunity is all but priceless, since the Queen of Rock and Roll has retired from performing. Your best option to hear live rock music at a great price is to see Tina: The Tina Turner Musical for only £25.

The high-energy show feels like a Tina Turner concert, complete with her signature dance moves and all her greatest hits throughout her career, like “Proud Mary,” “The Best,” and “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” Head on over to the Aldwych Theatre and get your rock ‘n’ roll fix!

Book Tina: The Tina Turner Musical London Theatre Week tickets on TodayTix.


Cinderella tickets for less than designer shoes and chauffeur service

Glass slippers fit for a princess? A car that will get you home before midnight and not a moment later? Cinderella’s fairy godmother might be able to conjure these out of thin air, but in the real world they’ll cost you hundreds of euros. Beauty has a price, after all, as the fairy godmother in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella reminds us. But hey, why not splurge on a night out at the musical instead? Tickets to this fresh take on the classic fairytale are only £35 during London Theatre Week. You can still don your finest outfit if you’d like to feel fit for a royal ball.

Book Cinderella London Theatre Week tickets on TodayTix.

Grease tickets for less than diner food and dancing

No amount of money can take you back to the 1950s as the decade is portrayed so idyllically in Grease, with milkshakes, sock-hop dancing, and matching bomber jackets for your whole crew of Pink Ladies or T-Birds. You can get close by putting on your bobby socks or leather and going out for diner food and dancing — but a shake, burger, and fries add up to £25, and a dance club entry fee can average £15.

Or, you can just spend £15 and see Grease instead, heading back to the ’50s and hearing all the musical’s classic, catchy songs like “Grease Lightning” and “Born to Hand Jive.” Sounds like a great summer night to us!

Book Grease London Theatre Week tickets on TodayTix.

& Juliet

& Juliet tickets for less than a night out for drinks, dancing, and DJing

& Juliet sees the famous Shakespeare heroine travel to Paris and rediscover herself. She goes out to parties, makes new friends, and sings plenty of contemporary pop music — what fun! But it’s easy to do when you come from a noble family like the Capulets (and are in a musical).

Otherwise, the cost of fun piles up: train tickets, drinks, and even a music streaming subscription, if you want to stay in and be your own DJ instead, can add up to £50 or more. Instead, have just as much fun by going along with Juliet’s adventure at & Juliet. You still get to rock out to all your favourite pop hits and feel like you’re in Paris, all for £15!

Book & Juliet London Theatre Week tickets on TodayTix from £15.

Amy Adams

The Glass Menagerie tickets for less than a glass figurine collection

Glass figurines like the ones Laura Wingfield owns are gorgeous. But because they’re handcrafted with such delicate artistry, it would cost you thousands of pounds to amass a collection like hers. If you want to see a different kind of artistry on display, and save yourself lots of money, go see The Glass Menagerie in the West End instead for £25. You can still marvel at the glass animals, but you might not be able to take your eyes off the actors live in the flesh, including Amy Adams, making her West End debut as Amanda Wingfield.

Book The Glass Menagerie London Theatre Week tickets on TodayTix.

My Fair Lady tickets for less than a trip to the racetrack

You could channel your inner Eliza Doolittle with a trip to the Ascot Racecourse like she does in My Fair Lady. But admission alone is £30, and if you need a fancy dress for the occasion — and perhaps some flowers to doll up your hairdo — you could be looking at another £50. So if horse racing and/or spending that much money aren’t your thing, wouldn’t it be loverly to instead go to My Fair Lady for only £35? You won’t hear “Ascot Gavotte” — or any of the other beautiful, classic songs, like “I Could Have Danced All Night” — at the real racetrack!

Book My Fair Lady London Theatre Week tickets on TodayTix.