What is Secret Cinema?

A complete guide to Secret Cinema

(Dirty Dancing 2022)

You’ve probably watched a film or TV show and thought: “I wish I could step into this incredible world in real life. Well, with Secret Cinema you can. Secret Cinema allows you to explore the intricate locations straight from the screen, brush shoulders with your favourite characters and choose where the story takes you in an immersive experience like no other.

Secret Cinema has brought to life over 70 iconic worlds from the screen, from a tranquil 1960's mountaintop resort in the Catskills as seen in Dirty Dancing to the dystopian neon-lit streets of future Los Angeles featured in Blade Runner. Audiences have also been transported on globetrotting adventures with James Bond, travelled back to the future with Marty McFly and witnessed the explosive action caused by two star-crossed lovers on Verona Beach.

If you’ve never stepped into a Secret Cinema world or you want to prepare for your upcoming experience, here’s what you need to know…

Become part of the story at Secret Cinema.

(Moulin Rouge 2017)

Lights, camera, action! From the moment you enter a Secret Cinema experience, you are a part of the story. Over the course of your adventure, you can truly absorb your surroundings and play a part in the unfolding (and unpredictable) action around you. There’s no script so it’s entirely up to you to decide where the story goes and create some unforgettable memories along the way.

Secret Cinema also offers a unique opportunity to interact with iconic characters straight from the screen. Accompany your on-screen hero as they embark on a mission to save the world, play a part in foiling the big baddie’s diabolical plan and discover secret side-quests when you get talking to the locals. Or maybe you just want to sit back and watch the events unfold? You choose the story.

Once you’ve explored this impossible world, fall in love with it all over again as you watch a unique screening of the respective film or TV show to close your unforgettable evening.

Plan a full day for a Secret Cinema show.

(Back to the Future 2014)

Secret Cinema is typically an all-day experience. While the Secret Cinema film or television show may only be a few hours long, the full Secret Cinema experience can run for up to five hours in total.

Act one of your Secret Cinema experience is dedicated to immersing yourself in the world, interacting with the characters and choosing your adventure. Whether you want to get actively involved in the heart of the unfolding story or enjoy the world’s unbelievable cuisine and drinks with your closest, ensure you explore every part of your surroundings to appreciate every intricate detail.

This is followed by act two: a unique screening of the film or excerpt from the TV show you find yourself in. This will allow you to have a greater appreciation for the world you’ve experienced and relive it again with your nearest and dearest, and alongside other passionate fans. Spend a day in the world and create some memories to last a lifetime.

Get dressed up for Secret Cinema.

(Stranger Things 2019)

Choose your identity when you step into the world! Just remember that whether you’re a passionate Capulet, a French aristocrat, a T-bird or Pink Lady, you need to look the part. Choose the level of commitment in your costume that you’re comfortable with, but for full immersion Secret Cinema recommends going all out.

Once you’ve booked your Secret Cinema ticket, you’ll receive some costume ideas and a link to buy some customised accessories to blend seamlessly into the story you find yourself in.

Just remember to think about practicality and comfort as you’ll be in your costume for the whole day!

Why you need to visit Secret Cinema.

(Grease, Birmingham 2023)

Put simply, Secret Cinema are the pioneers of immersive experiences. They have transported audiences to impossible worlds for over 15 years and have established themselves as master storytellers by seamlessly blending beloved stories with exciting new twists and turns.

Every Secret Cinema experience is unique, no two are ever alike. Every interaction is unique, new stories are being formed all the time by audiences and shared experiences are being created every second. Whether you want to escape for a few hours in an adventure with your brand new identity, soak in the sights and sounds from your favourite fantastical film or are simply looking for a great day (or night!) out with friends and family, join Secret Cinema for an experience like no other…

Now you can immerse yourself in the world of Grease like never before! Step back in time to the 1950s and experience those summer nights…in real life. Belt out those iconic numbers and show off your moves on the dance floor at Rydell High for the ultimate summer party!

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