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World Premiere about the education of a king.
A washed-out school teacher travels across a country to take the only job he can, educating a group of young boys. So it is that, in the middle of nowhere, Aristotle meets Alexander—a lad of fourteen—for the first time. The effect they have on each other will shape the world. This World Premiere is a mystery that explores how Aristotle painstakingly set the moral compass of Alexander the Great, the man who would conquer the known world.
ALEX & ARIS is a play of secrets. What will kings do to achieve power? What crimes will they cover up to be seen as civilized? And what must a young boy and an old philosopher do to survive in such a place?
The Bullitt Cabaret at ACT
700 Union Street
SeattleWA 98101
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Recommended for ages 13 and up.