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The cast of WHIRLED NEWS TONIGHT downs some Red Bull and stays up later, taking a wide-angle look at current events from across the media landscape, including electronic news, blogs, and that one guy who started an online petition to the White House to change the national anthem to “Ignition (Remix).” Tweet your article from your Apple Watch and watch the world’s problems get solved…after hours.
Using the Twitter handle @WNTLate, audience members will be able to use Twitter to share links to news items and interesting articles that will be the basis for the cast’s improvisation.
Ticket includes your first mixed drink or beer from the iO bar. To redeem your beverage, present your TodayTix confirmation email to one of iO's friendly bartenders.
The Mission Theater at iO Improv
1501 North Kingsbury St
ChicagoIL 60642
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Ages 21 and up.