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Poor Yella Rednecks Tickets
Poor Yella Rednecks: What to expect - 1
Poor Yella Rednecks: What to expect - 2
Poor Yella Rednecks: What to expect - 3
Poor Yella Rednecks: What to expect - 4
Poor Yella Rednecks: What to expect - 5
Poor Yella Rednecks: What to expect - 6
Poor Yella Rednecks: What to expect - 7
Poor Yella Rednecks: What to expect - 8
Poor Yella Rednecks: What to expect - 9
Poor Yella Rednecks: What to expect - 10
New York, NY

Poor Yella Rednecks Tickets

Qui Nguyen exposes the American Dream in this new play at Manhattan Theatre Club.
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Poor Yella Rednecks Tickets

About Poor Yella Rednecks

Looking for a hot, fresh, and funny new play, made to order? Qui Nguyen's Poor Yella Rednecks delivers. This New York Times Critic's Pick tells an immigrant family's story with riotous humor and heart — get Poor Yella Rednecks tickets on TodayTix.

Poor Yella Rednecks isn't just the story of any family — it's Nguyen's own family. Discover the mostly-true story of how his parents, attempt to put down roots in Arkansas — a state as different from their native Vietnam as it gets — and try to cook up their own American Dream. See why The New York Times hails the play as "a crowd-tickling comedy that squashes preconceptions in order to place hearts in a vise grip."

Get Poor Yella Rednecks tickets, and join the family on its journey without having to leave New York.

Run time

2 hrs (with one interval)

Start date

October 10th, 2023

End date

December 3rd, 2023


Poor Yella Rednecks: What to expect - 1
Poor Yella Rednecks: What to expect - 2
Poor Yella Rednecks: What to expect - 3
Poor Yella Rednecks: What to expect - 4
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Poor Yella Rednecks: What to expect - 5

238 Reviews

John Ned

John Ned

171 Reviews | 180 Followers
Delightful, Fantastic staging & production quality, Totally entertaining

See it if a show with a lot of different elements that work well together. Cast overflowing with charisma. Outstanding looking staging. Fun.

Don’t see it if you are put off by bad language. Profanity may be overused in order to feel contemporary.



294 Reviews | 104 Followers
Great staging, Great writing, Absorbing

See it if dramedy with cool staging, a puppet and the occasional rap.

Don’t see it if Lots of profanity and tone shifts between absurd and serious frequently

Tatyana G

Tatyana G

291 Reviews | 88 Followers
Quirky, Great staging, Funny, Entertaining, Absorbing

See it if Nice staging, rap songs that you can understand, and the history of Vietnamese immigrants' lives in America. The fight scene is hilarious

Don’t see it if "F" word was used too often (for some). Do not want to hear that immigrants were unable to find a good job or had problems at school

Bruce 6

Bruce 6

767 Reviews | 330 Followers
Story of vietnamese immigrant family, Trying vs odds 2 make arkansas their home, Played as comic book come alive

See it if tells complng story thru unique combo profane rap/moving puppetry/side-splitting movie&kung-fu parodies/stunning enlrgd graphic novel panels

Don’t see it if turned off by cartoonish chrctrs/embarrassingly simplistic rap/2 much "we are the heroes of our own story" chest-thumping

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Poor Yella Rednecks cast and creative team

By: Qui Nguyen
Director: May Adrales
Choreography: William Carlos Angulo
Producer: South Coast Repertory and Manhattan Theatre Club
Cast list: Jon Hoche, Ben Levin, Samantha Quan, Jon Norman Schneider, Maureen Sebastian, Paco Tolson
Design: Tim Mackabee
Costumes: Valérie Thérèse Bart
Lighting: Lap Chi Chu
Sound: Shane Rettig
Other info: Original music by Shane Rettig, projection design by Jared Mezzocchi, puppet design by David Valentine, arrangements by Kenny Seymour, music direction by Cynthia Meng


New York City Center

131 W 55th St, New York, NY, USA, 10019


Wheelchair access, assistive listening devices

More information about Poor Yella Rednecks

Poor Yella Rednecks premiered in 2019 at South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa, California. The premiere of Poor Yella Rednecks off Broadway is directed by May Adrales, who has directed seven prior Off-Broadway shows, including Nguyen's play Vietgone.

Music (including bursts of hip-hop) and various pop culture references factor into Poor Yella Rednecks, often in a satirical context. For example, contrasting, often nonsensical references appear — from Star Wars to Fleetwood Mac to Mitch McConnell — to poke fun at how Americans and American culture may sound to those unfamiliar.

What to watch for

  • Poor Yella Rednecks is the sequel to Vietgone, based on how his parents met as American refugees from Vietnam, and is the second play in an autobiographical trilogy. The same main characters, Nguyen's parents, lead both plays.
  • History repeats itself! Like Poor Yella Rednecks, Vietgone premiered at South Coast Repertory and then went to Manhattan Theatre Club, where May Adrales directed.
  • Nguyen was co-artistic director of Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company, which presented action/adventure theatre works with a comic book aesthetic. He uses this aesthetic in Poor Yella Rednecks, with animated projections, comic book-style fight scenes, and puppetry as part of the design.
  • Nguyen is a character in the play, or, rather, two. A character called The Playwright represents his current self, and in past productions, a puppet stood in for his young self.


Unfortunately, tickets for this event are no longer available.

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