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TodayTix Makes Inroads Into Broadway’s Ticketing Business


“We are focused on attracting a millennial audience that might find theater inaccessible” Fenty tells The New York TimesKeep Reading

New App for Show Tickets Draws Whippersnappers to Broadway


“What we are trying to do is be the theater app for the everyman,” Fenty tells WIRED.Keep Reading

Why TodayTix Is Broadway's Uber - And What It Means For Showbiz


Broadway needs young blood to fuel its future, and TodayTix has tapped that vein better than any existing service.Keep Reading

TodayTix Stages A Mobile Coup Of The $50 Billion Theater Ticket Business


Concerts! Sports! Theater? Event startups have largely ignored musicals and plays but the fact is they’re an enormous business driven by high-spending theater addicts “whales”. That’s why TodayTix built an app for them, and now that it’s selling 2% to 3% of tickets for most Broadway shows in New York City, it’s raised a $6.1 million Series A to bring its app to London and the world.Keep Reading

UK Great Tech Awards


We're very proud to announce...we won! "Six US tech companies have been chosen as the winners of the UK government's second annual GREAT Tech Awards. The winners were announced last night at a gala in New York City hosted by Danny Lopez, British Consul General New York."Keep Reading