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5 Musicals That Would Be Even Better with Demons

November 12, 2017 by Anne Berkowitz
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If you’ve ever read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, you know that adding a little bit of the supernatural to a classic work of art can result in brilliance. Sometimes though, the supernatural is already a part of the piece, like in Evil Dead The Musical, which is now playing at the Randolph Theatre until November 19th. In honor of the first ever TodayTix lottery in Toronto, we’ve compiled a list of classic musicals that would totally be improved with some demons. Enter the lottery for Evil Dead The Musical for your chance to win $20 tickets to the hilarious, record-breaking Canadian cult hit today!

1. The Music Man

Imagine if the Trouble with a capital T in River City, Iowa was Zombies with a capital Z! Sure, Harold Hill saving the small town from a new pool table is hilarious in The Music Man. Yet can you imagine how much more epic Mariann’s ballad “‘Till There Was You” would be if there were flesh-eating monsters clawing at them from under the footbridge?

2. Cats

What if the Jellicle Cats weren’t just frolicking in the dumpster at night but instead were protecting the human population from demons? Cats is a jubilant musical full of dancing felines where the scariest element is a cat named Macavity who has the creepy ability to… disappear. If the walking dead became the dancing dead, the stakes in Cats would definitely be raised and Grizabella wouldn’t be so “alone in the moonlight!”

3. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Imagine if “Go, Go, Go Joseph” was a song sung by an ensemble encouraging Joseph to run away from a pack of zombies. Or if a bunch of demons were also vying after the famous multicolored jacket. We’d love to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with a supernatural twist, specifically since we’ve never seen such monsters in a story set in the biblical times.

4. Company

Bobby’s 35th birthday would be even more daunting with some demons about. He does, after all, explore his inner demons during the course of the musical. Perhaps Bobby wouldn’t find the idea of aging and commitment so scary if New York City was in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. And imagine how epic the show-stopper “Ladies who Lunch” would be if it was retitled “Ladies who Lunch… on Brains.”

5. Hamilton

You think Hamilton is a groundbreaking musical? Well, it definitely doesn’t have zombies, does it? Imagine what the founding fathers would have had to have gone through if they had to kill demons on top of everything else. Throwing away their shots would have been much more detrimental, and all of them certainly would have felt lucky to be alive right now.

Don’t miss your chance to see Evil Dead The Musical, a show that needs no improvement since it already has the perfect amount of blood, guts, and evil. Starvox Entertainment and TodayTix are thrilled to offer $20 Lottery tickets to Evil Dead The Musical. Enter to win up to two tickets for every performance!