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This Day Rave is the Self-Care Ritual Your Life Needs

January 11, 2019 by Allison Considine
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Everyone knows that waking up early is good for you. It’s also no secret that starting your day by hitting the gym instead of hitting the snooze button has its benefits. What about hitting the dance floor? Daybreaker offers a kick-start to weekday mornings with a yoga flow and dance party — a winning combo that just might be what your self-care routine is missing. Daybreaker is bringing mindfulness and wellness into the party scene. So set your alarm! Here are seven reasons why these early morning gatherings are worth waking up before the sun.

Daybreaker events are held in 25 cities and on college campuses around the world. Check out their upcoming gatherings on TodayTix in your city to experience how Daybreaker can help you live their mantra — a life of love and mischief.

Set Intentions
Is there a better way to start the day than by seeing the sunrise? You can do your sun salutations while actually saluting the sun. Daybreaker yoga sessions are led by yogi masters and are often accompanied by empowering mantras and soothing singing bowls. Namaste.

Get Movin’
The downward dogs are just the warm-up. Daybreaker is all about the dancing. Get your heart pumping and your body jumping. The addition of clubbing to your coffee-to-cubicle routine is a surefire way to boost energy.

Get Inspired
Daybreaker mornings feature special performances by local artists. DJs are joined by local musicians, and fitness gurus pump up the dance floor with some group moves to keep the party moving. You just might find your favorite new neighborhood band or fitness instructor while breaking a sweat.

All attendees are tasked with making at least three new friends, and you might be encouraged to hug your neighbors. Embrace it. Radha Agrawal, CEO and co-founder of Daybreaker, talks about the importance of building community in her new book, “Belong.” So get out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to your fellow ravers.

Get Crafty
Many of the Daybreaker events are themed — it’s all part of the fun! So tap into your DIY skills to craft a mask for a masquerade, or put together an ensemble fit for a mermaid party, a jungle bash, or nautical soirée. There is something magical about dancing in a crowd of sparkles or a sea of matching yellow outfits.

Daybreaker creates an atmosphere of good, clean fun. Sober dancing is possible. Fuel your moves with coffee, matcha lattes, bubbly kombucha, distilled non-alcoholic spirits, and healthy snacks.

Be Adventurous
Daybreaker events can help you discover new places in your own city. You might find yourself dancing in a new event space, or in a park, a playground, on a hotel rooftop, or even on a boat!