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Looking for Showmance in San Francisco: Meet Roy and Brad

February 14, 2017 by TodayTix
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9 cities. 18 singles. 9 blind dates. Introducing our Looking for Showmance Series, where we send two singles to meet for the first time, attend a show together, and document their experiences. Will a Showmance be sparked? Read on to find out!

An evening in a sumptuous 1920s speakeasy? Sounds like the perfect date night. Our SF singles headed to a mysterious location to experience The Speakeasy, a hit immersive production where 1920s period attire is suggested…and finding love is highly encouraged, too.

Meet Roy:

roy showmance

Roy worked as professor in New York for three years, and recently relocated to the Bay Area for work, where he’s now an associate artistic director of a theater company. He loves meeting new people and learning about their passions!

What are your expectations for this blind date?

“As a person who loves theater, I think this is such a fun idea and way to connect individuals. I am always down for a new adventure, and this Showmance series seems thrilling. I’ve actually never been on a blind date before, so this will just be another adventure.”

How do you feel about theater?

“Musical Theater has always been a passion of mine. I like theater that sparks a conversation of any nature. I love musical theater, but I enjoy seeing plays as well.”

Meet Brad:

brad showmance

Brad is originally from Pittsburgh and has been living in San Francisco for four years. He works at a tech company in the South Bay, and enjoys spending time with good people, laughing at anything and everything, and taking in those incredible California views!

What are your expectations for this blind date?

“I’m not a big blind date person to be honest, but I love live theater, so I feel like Showmance is welcoming territory. Does anyone love blind dates? If so, I’m not one of those people, but I’ve generally been pleasantly surprised on the blind dates I’ve gone on.”

How do you feel about theater?

“Being from the East Coast, Broadway was always a favorite getaway growing up. And musical soundtracks were basically our family road trip soundtracks, so… I do my best to not sing along when I’m outside of the car.”

The Date:

the speakeasy date

Roy and Brad spent an evening at The Speakeasywhere they wandered through a Prohibition-era dreamscape of bars, casinos, cabarets, and hideaways. After the date, we caught up with our singles to see how everything went:

What was the overall experience like for you? Would you go on a blind date again?

ROY: “The whole evening was a lot of fun, with a sense of adventure throughout. Since a lot is unknown about The Speakeasy itself, it felt even more like an adventure moving through it with a blind date! I’ve never been on a blind date before, and I would definitely do it again.”

BRAD: “I really enjoyed the night. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to have fun, and thought I’d end up seeing a show with a person who may or may not be of interest to me. But the opposite happened: I met a really nice guy and we enjoyed a really cool show together.”

What was your first impression of your date?

ROY: “My first impression of Brad was that he’s relaxed, kind-hearted, and friendly.”

BRAD: “My first impression was relief. I really phoned it in on the “period dress encouraged” piece, and was a little nervous Roy might have committed to the cause. Luckily, we both half-assed the costumes!”

What were your favorite things about your date?

ROY: “It was a pleasure meeting Brad. My favorite things about Brad are his intelligence, wit, and humor. He is very well-established and well-traveled, and he has a great love for theater.”

BRAD: “The Speakeasy really lent itself to participation and a willingness to get involved. A lot of folks get nervous at the prospect, but Roy was happy to jump in when he could, which made the night really interesting. He’s also a really nice guy, and we spent the vast majority of the night just laughing and making jokes.”

What was your favorite thing about The Speakeasy?

ROY: “I really enjoyed the immersive aspect of The Speakeasy, and I loved the sense of freedom and adventure throughout the evening. It felt like a real-life “choose your own adventure.” I thought the whole experience was very interesting and I enjoyed it tremendously.”

BRAD: “I loved The Speakeasy, from top to bottom. The attention to detail was incredible. Since the website was pretty sparse on details, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d happily go back and would expect an entirely different experience each time.”

Do you think The Speakeasy is a good date night show? Why or why not?

ROY: “I think the fun and adventure of The Speakeasy made for a great date night. I’m not sure it’s the best for a first date, since they ask you not to speak much upon entry. That being said, I would completely recommend The Speakeasy for a date night, especially a second date!”

BRAD: “I think the The Speakeasy is a great date night show. Movies and plays can be weird for dates, as the setting doesn’t really allow for conversation or getting to know each other. The Speakeasy was the perfect balance; there was plenty to keep you invested, but there were also opportunities to chat and make jokes. ”


If you want to experience The Speakeasy for yourself (or bring along a date!) you can save on tickets with TodayTix. Need more Showmance in your life? Follow along as we document the dates of 9 couples across the globe here.