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8 Things We Love About Teatro ZinZanni

November 15, 2016 by Constance Fred
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Have you seen a Teatro ZinZanni production before?

If yes, you know you need to go back.

If no, what are you waiting for?

Teatro ZinZanni is Seattle’s very own magical dinner theater meets circus experience, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We could honestly go on about it for ages, but we distilled all of our shades of excitement into a simple list of eight things that make Teatro ZinZanni so awesome:

1. It’s described as “the Kit Kat Club on acid.”

photo credit Allied Artists International
Photo Credit Allied Artists International

And we all love a good Cabaret one-up!

2. The “dinner” part is gourmet.

servers delivering the food at Teatro ZinZanni, photo credit Teatro ZinZanni
Servers delivering the food at Teatro ZinZanni, Photo Credit Teatro ZinZanni

The performers dazzle you for three hours and you’re gonna expend a lot of energy screaming and clapping so you’ll need the extra fuel.

3. And then of course, there are the performances.

photo credit Alan Alabastro
photo credit Alan Alabastro

What are they doing with their bodies? (And also how?)

4. Welcome to Wonderland, or whatever.

photo credit Teatro ZinZanni
Photo Credit Teatro ZinZanni

Because we all love a good Alice one-up, too.

5. The room is one big fancy beautiful circus tent.

photo credit Alan Alabastro
Photo Credit Alan Alabastro

Yeah, it’s like pretty cool.

6. Did we mention the costumes yet?

photo credit Teatro ZinZanni
photo credit Teatro ZinZanni

Because those are also a thing.

7. But also the actual performances though.

photo credit Teatro ZinZanni
photo credit Teatro ZinZanni


8. Really. The performances.

photo credit Teatro ZinZanni
photo credit Teatro ZinZanni

Convinced that you maybe need to check it out? Snag your tickets here and tell us all about why you love Teatro Zinzanni on Facebook or Twitter.