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5 Burlesque Dancers You Should Know in Seattle

January 22, 2017 by Anne Berkowitz
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Seattle’s electrifying burlesque scene wouldn’t be nearly as bustling or diverse without the presence of some key performers. Check out our list below for some of the unique, fearless talents that grace the glorious stages of the Emerald City.

1. Briq House

Briq House

Also known as the Bisexual Burlesque Goddess and Her Royal Thickness, Briq House is known for her fabulous Emcee abilities. The well-rounded Briq House is also an actor, model, singer, and producer. In an article for the Seattle Globalist, Briq House said, “…Burlesque doesn’t have to be pretty. Just like being a woman doesn’t have to be pretty. There are no rules.”

2. Miss Indigo Blue


Miss Indigo Blue founded the Academy of Burlesque in 2003 and remains its Headmistress. Her strong theater and dance background is apparent in her passionate performances, which are often also hilarious and musical. It is no wonder that Miss Indigo Blue is highly decorated both as a performer and instructor. Be sure to check out one of her many upcoming shows and then take a class with her at the Academy.

3. Iva Handfull

Iva Handful

You’d never know it, but Iva Handfull has never had any formal dance training (though she did graduate from the esteemed Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque in 2007). That didn’t stop her from being crowned the Queen of the Kansas City Burlesque Festival in 2013. Iva credits her ferocious stage presence and edgy energy to her love of industrial music.

4. Sailor St. Claire

Sailor St Claire

Sailor St. Claire, or The Showgirl Scholar, describes herself as “a curvaceous redhead with learned mind and an A+ anatomy.” This studious starlet regularly performs with Sinner Saint Burlesque, is a co-producer of Naked Girls Reading – Seattle, and produces and hosts Tuesday Tease, Seattle’s only monthly burlesque revue featuring live musical accompaniment.

5. Boom Boom L’Roux

Boom Boom L’Roux

New York native Boom Boom L’Roux, The Sound of Freedom, brings spice to her classic burlesque performances. She will melt your heart and soul with her powerhouse performances.

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