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The Best Lyrics from COMPANY

November 21, 2017 by Anne Berkowitz
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Stephen Sondheim’s character study of the trials and tribulations of a young(ish), single man in New York was groundbreaking when it premiered over 45 years ago. Today, Company is still regarded as a one of the greatest musical dramedies ever written. It is one of Sondheim’s most sophisticated and honest musicals, examining both the beauty and challenges that come from making a lifelong commitment to the person you love. Lucky for those living in the Philadelphia area, Company will be returning to the stage in the form of a stage reading for the first weekend in December. You can save up to 20% on your tickets to 11th Hour Theater Company’s production, which will run from December 1st-3rd. Here are some of our favorite lyrics from this wonderful show.

A celebration of the “company” you keep.

Stephen Sondheim’s COMPANY with the New York Philharmonic
photo: Chris Lee

Late nights, quick bites, party games
Deep talks, long walks, telephone calls
Thoughts shared, souls bared, private names
All those photos up on the walls

– From “Company”

Thoughts on a happy… er, thoughts on a marriage.

It’s the little things you share together
Swear together, wear together
That make perfect relationships
The concerts you enjoy together
Neighbors you annoy together
Children you destroy together
That keep marriage intact

-From “The Little Things”

A succinct summation of complicated emotions.

You’re sorry-grateful

-From “Sorry-Grateful”

A lamentation on hot and cold behavior.

You could drive a person crazy, you could drive a person mad
First you make a person hazy so a person could be had
Then you leave a person dangling sadly outside your door
Which could only make a person gladly want you even more!

-From “You Could Drive a Person Crazy”

A love letter to New York City.

It’s a city of strangers, some come to work, some to play
A city of strangers, some come to stare, some to stay
And every day the ones who stay
Can find each other in the crowded streets and the guarded parks
By the rusty fountains and the dusty trees with the battered barks
And they walk together past the postered walls with the crude remarks…

-From “Another Hundred People”

The best song ever written about cold feet.

I’m not well, so I’m not getting married
You’ve been swell, but I’m not getting married
Clear the hall, ’cause I’m not getting married
Thank you all, but I’m not getting married
And don’t tell Paul, but I’m not getting married today!

-From “Getting Married Today”

A plead for a specific kind of love.

Marry me a little
Love me just enough
Cry, but not too often
Play, but not too rough

-From “Marry Me a Little”

The toast to end all toasts…

A toast to that invincible bunch
The dinosaurs surviving the crunch.
Let’s hear it for the ladies who lunch—
Everybody rise!

-From “Ladies Who Lunch”

…and the most epic solo finale.

Somebody crowd me with love
Somebody force me to care
Somebody make me come through
I’ll always be there, as frightened as you
To help us survive being alive

-From “Being Alive”

Let us know your favorite lyrics from Company on Twitter. Don’t miss the 11th Hour limited engagement of Company in December.