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The 7 Life Lessons We Learned From Musicals Set in School

August 17, 2016 by Juliana Panzera
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With back to school just around the corner, we’ve gone through and compiled some life lessons from musicals that will help you make it through those long lectures and all-nighters.

Take some advice from the characters who have gone before you, and keep their lessons in mind as you head back to school this September.

Legally Blonde – You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Spring Awakening – Growing up is hard.

Wicked – Being different is a good thing.

Matilda – Only you can change your story.

Bring it On – You are stronger together.

bare – Be true to yourself.

Heathers – Don’t kill your friends.

As you can see, we have learned a lot from our musical theater friends, so heed their advice and have an incredible school year! (Just maybe don’t burst out into song during class. Although if you did, we couldn’t blame you for it.)

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