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Dreading Back to School? We can help.

August 23, 2016 by Juliana Panzera
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Because school can’t be out for the summer…forever.

The summer is going to be over soon, and we know you’ll be living it up in these precious final weeks.

Gif: Giphy

Until reality sets in and school rears its ugly head…

Phantom Gif

And you’ll have to get back to mountains of work…

Gif: Giphy

And studying for hours on end…

Shrek Gif

You may go back kicking and screaming…


But you’ve learned important lessons from musicals, so you’ll be prepared, right?


And you’ll totally rock this school year!


Still bummed about the schoolwork that lies ahead? Distract yourself by checking out our tips on decorating a theater inspired dorm room,or the 7 life lessons we learned from musicals set in school.