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You’re Beautiful! ‘Pretty Woman’ Opens on Broadway

August 17, 2018 by Suzy Evans
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Samantha Barks and Andy Karl. (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

Welcome to Hollywood! “Pretty Woman: The Musical” celebrated its Broadway opening night on Thursday night. Based on the 1990 film starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, the musical brings the beloved Cinderella story to the stage, with West End star Samantha Barks making her Broadway debut as Vivian alongside Tony nominee Andy Karl as Edward. The stars celebrated alongside their cast and crew at the Nederlander Theatre before heading over to the Ziegfeld Ballroom for the opening night party.

We asked the cast what they hope audiences take away from the show. Check out their answers and our coverage below!

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Andy Karl (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

Andy Karl (Edward Lewis): Love is powerful stuff, and for musicals, it’s a really strong thing. Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance, to listen to their collections of songs over the years, they sang a lot about love. It’s very powerful in the show, especially for the women. In this day and age, these women like Vivian and Kit to find themselves and to be so powerful onstage vocally and with their journey, it’s enthralling, I love watching it.

Jason Danieley (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

Jason Danieley (Philip Stuckey): That it’s necessary. And I hope that it happens for everybody. To find someone, I think we as human beings, particularly now the way that the world is so topsy-turvy and so fraught with anxiety, that to find the light, to find the person who can help you through the light. Vivian helps Edward find the light and says, “It’s going to be okay.”

Tommy Bracco (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

Tommy Bracco (Julio): My favorite line in “Pretty Woman” is: ‘With confidence and attitude, you can walk into any room just like you own the place. You’re beautiful.” That is what ‘Pretty Woman’ is about for me. When you know who you are, when you celebrate your uniqueness, nothing can stop you.

Orfeh and Andy Karl (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)
Orfeh (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

Orfeh (Kit De Luca): I think the fact that people from different universes come together and fall in love, that’s really important. Because at the end of the day, we’re all the same. We’re all searching for the same few things — one of them being love, acceptance, and connection.

Eric Anderson and Jessica Rush. (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)
Eric Anderson (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

Eric Anderson (Mr. Thompson): I hope audiences walk away with a smile on their face. I hope people just have a good time and are able to forget about the chaos of the world right now and think about something light and nice.

Jerry Mitchell (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

Jerry Mitchell (Director/choreographer): There’s a line, “I’m tired of letting other people define a woman’s worth” that she says in the bed scene after the polo fight. I always thought the character of Vivian was super strong 30 years ago, and I think we’ve upped that ante in a good, true way.