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Stream these theater shows to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit

February 1, 2021 by TodayTix
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Signature Vinyl

Roses are red, violets are blue, we’ve got a ton of Valentine’s Day theater, just for you. 

Okay, we know that the Valentine’s Day buzz might be dampened this year — thanks Covid. If you’re fortunate enough to be spending February 14 with your lover, partner, husband, wife, family, friends, or simpy anyone whose company you enjoy (whether virtually or in person), make your Valentine’s Day the loveliest day of the year with a touch of theater. 

Theater shows to stream on Valentine’s Day

Company XIV


Love is in the air this February 14, thanks to Company XIV’s Valentine’s cabaret. In what’s set to be a unforgettable evening, awaken all the senses with an array of burlesque, circus, music and aerial performances. So, pop the champagne, open that box of chocolates and let the Valentine’s magic begin. Available from February 14 for one month.

2121: A Love Odyssey

In the future, we’ll be able to enjoy Valentine’s Day with everyone we love. For now, we have to make do with potentially spending February 14 by ourselves, but 2121: A Love Odyssey will have you entering a new century, time-traveling to a future where romance definitely isn’t dead. 

Feast your eyes and ears on a spoken word collective, as they personalize a poetic experience for all attendees. Burlesque, poetry, and cabaret entertainment is on the cards for this Poetry Brothel event, where all thoughts are welcome and all expressions are allowed. Get ready for a Valentine’s to remember at 2121: A Love Odyssey. Available on February 14.

Lucy Darling’s Magic Mixer

If sparks in the air aren’t a part of your Valentine’s, then Lucy Darling’s Magic Mixer is sure to add a touch of sorcery to your evening plans. Known worldwide for her 1920s style, charm, and grace, be mystified at her incredible tricks, the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

Rather than using cards, the world-record holding magician uses cocktails as part of her act, so pour yourself a drink and join Lucy Darling for this Valentine’s Day stir. Available on February 14. 

Romeo and Juliet
Antoine Yared as Romeo and Sara Farb as Juliet (Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann)

Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare’s tragic love story is one of the greatest plays of all time. Filmed at the 2018 Stratford Festival in Canada, join Romeo and Juliet as they sacrifice their lives to be with one another, ending in fatal consequences. Watch Romeo and Juliet on Valentine’s Day, or on demand whenever you wish. 

Stephanie J Block

Stephanie J. Block and Sebastian Arcelus

A real-life Broadway husband and wife duo singing together on Valentine’s Day screams pure theater joy. Proclaim your love for Broadway and listen to The Cher Show’s Stephanie J. Block and House of Cards’s Sebastian Arcelus in a live concert.

In conversation with Seth Rudetsky, they’ll share anecdotes about theater, entertainment and their favorite moments from their careers. There’s bound to be a hint of romance in their musical choices too, so fall in love with the pair in this virtual concert. Available to stream on February 14. 

Romantic shows to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit

Antony and Cleopatra

Marc Antony and Cleopatra’s rule changed the world. Ruling over the Roman republic, they’re locked together in a difficult triumvirate of power, but together, they could have it all.

Condensing historical events into a drama, Willliam Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra dramatizes their powerful love, surrendering their lives to their lust. Seen at Stratford Festival in Canada in 2016, relive Antony and Cleopatra this Valentine’s Day, which you can watch on demand whenever you wish. 

Guy Choiceman Decides to Save America

Wish you could control someone’s life? Now you can! For this interactive show, you’ll play Guy Choiceman, an average joe who could be a hero… if you make the right decisions. Choose anything you want Guy Choiceman to do and he will, but there’s only one winning option. This Valentine’s Day, there’s exclusive Valentine’s themed shows to find the power of love. Available from February 10.

The Love Doctor

Betty BOOM in The Love Doctor, a sensual poetry experience that’s designed to bring you back to emotional health. With her gaggle of love doctors on side, there’s nobody they can’t cure. So book your appointment now and you’ll definitely be seen to. Available to stream on February 15.

Pleasure Island

Covid-19 took away all our travel plans for the foreseeable future, but visiting somewhere in our minds is still on the cards. This Valentine’s Day, head off on an imaginary vacation to Pleasure Island, where indulging in the seven deadly sins is most definitely allowed. All flights to Pleasure Island depart soon, so book your tickets. Available to stream on February 12.

Puffs (Photo by Hunter Canning for Judy Jacksina Company)


Could you whip up a love potion like Harry Potter? Which of the Weasley brothers do you love? Forget all the characters you know from the genre-defining J.K. Rowling series and meet the other Hogwarts kids, finally getting their chance in the spotlight.

Join the puffs, a group of budding witches and wizards who are also trying to save the world from terrors. After a three-year run at New World Stages, Puffs is now available on demand, so you can get your magic fix whenever you crave it.

Ritual Union

Mardi Gras is the night to overindulge yourself, enjoying too much of your favorite treats before 40 days of Lent. Mark the occasion with a sprinkle of theater magic with Ritual Union, a spoken word event which’ll be rich with cabaret acts.

Hosted by Adra Boo, her posse of five performers will deliver personalized poetry that’s so delectable, you’ll find enough pleasure to last a lifetime. Available to stream on February 16.

Shake Rattle n’ Roll Piano Bingo

What do you get when you cross over live music with games? Piano Bar Bingo, of course. Every Wednesday night, gather your friends and family together (virtually) for some bingo and see if you can strike it lucky. With live music and games rolled in one, it’s family-friendly entertainment for all ages. Available to stream on February 3.

Signature Vinyl

Signature Vinyl

Motown music, Carole King chords, and Stevie Wonder sounds are just some of the songs you can listen to in Signature Theatre’s online concert. Celebrating 20th century artists and producers, this cinematic event puts a spin on your favorite tracks from decades gone by. Available to stream until May 6. 

Tap That: Pick Who Clicks

It’s hard to date in a global pandemic. But finding your Mr. Right or the woman of your dreams is made easier, thanks to Tap That. Become a cupid in this interactive dating show, where it’s down to the matchmaking powers of audience members to decide which contestants are paired together. If you’re a Love Is Blind fan or an avid Married At First Sight watcher, Tap That is the show for you. Available to stream on February 18. 

The Taming of the Shrew

A Broadway revival of Kiss Me, Kate wowed audiences in 2019. But, did you know Kiss Me, Kate is based on William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew? Performed at Stratford Festival in 2016, see this fierce battle of the sexes for yourself in an ultimate showdown. The Taming of the Shrew is available on demand whenever you want to watch.

Valentine Black Hearts  

Valentine’s Day plans don’t have to be sickly sweet. Reminisce over past lovers and curse over exes with the Los Angeles Poetry Brothel, where acts of love don’t have to be kind. Instead, purge those sensual thoughts that plague your mind and be free with your thoughts, accompanied by performance art and poetry. Available to stream on February 13.