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Theater-Themed Candles to Gift This Holiday Season

December 14, 2020 by Abby Bien
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This December we’re bringing the theater home — to our couches, while we sit in our pajamas, watching musicals on the screen. And in order to make the mood as ~theatrical~ as it can possibly be, it’s time for some candles.

Whether you’re wanting to fill your house with the smells of your fave stories or you’re looking for the perfect gift for your theater-loving friend, here are the candles we’re putting under the spotlight this season.

Beauty and the Beast

Let’s start with a classic. Turn any room into Belle’s library with the Book Club Candle from Homesick Candles. Reading not for you? No problem. Fill your home with the smell of that single, magical rose with Rose Petals by Penn & Beech.


The spooky spirit is ever-present in 2020, no matter the month. Gift your friend who can’t stop listening to “Dead Mom” (reader, the friend is me) with the Beetlejuice-inspired candle “Show About Death” from Etsy.

Be More Chill

Mountain Dew candles on Etsy are here and we love it. We don’t mean to put pressure on you but if you have a friend who’s obsessed with this show you are legally obligated to gift them this candle.


Since it’ll be a little while before we’re all in a theater celebrating Bobbie’s birthday — it’s time to bring the party home. Just make sure you wish for Broadway’s return when you blow out the Birthday Party Candle from Homesick Candles, okay?

Dear Evan Hansen

We mean this in the nicest way possible when we say that the first thought that came to mind when thinking “Dear Evan Hansen candle” was a Cologne Candle from Penn & Beech. It’s just the show is about high school boys! And high school boys either smell bad (not a good candle smell) or they smell like a lot of cologne (a better candle smell). Never mind this tangent: lucky for all of us, Etsy’s got an End of May, or Early June candle that’s inspired by the show with notes of apples (that makes way more sense!) and more.


We get it: giving a gift that insinuates the smell of Hell is maybe not the best way to celebrate and be merry. But this Woodsmoke + Amber candle from Sydney Hale Co. makes Hell smell so good! And it’s been a hell of a year. So maybe this is the most perfect candle gift after all. Maybe.


It’s not a theater gift guide without good ol’ Hamilton. Because it’s Hamilton, there are obviously plenty of show-themed candles you can get on Etsy — check out this perfect four-pack gift set. But if you’re wanting to be a bit more ~subtle~ with your nod to Lin-Manuel’s masterpiece, may we suggest Old Books or Dad’s Den from Penn & Beech? Think of them as an homage to all of Alexander’s writing, and writing, and writing.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Every year feels like a good year for a Harry Potter gift. This year — on TikTok and beyond — the focus has felt especially strong on Draco Malfoy. We have good news for everyone involved: the Malfoy fam is a main part of the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and This Smells Like Draco Malfoy.

Mamma Mia!

We could all use a vacation. While dreams of running around in Greece are but a dream right now, it’s time to step up our Mamma Mia! movie nights. We’re talking karaoke, summer cocktails, and the smell of a Sea Breeze Candle and the far-off Kalokairi Island.

Mean Girls 

Every December we decide Mean Girls is a Christmas movie (and musical!) so that every December we have an excuse to watch (and listen to!) Mean Girls at least three times. This year, during our first viewing we’ll be burning this Burn Book candle from Etsy, our second watch will feature a classic candy cane scent (but none for Glenn Coco), and our third Mean Girls stream will star the one and only Tina Fey.


Fill your house with the smell of newspaper without actually having to get a newspaper. We’re all reading our news on Twitter these days anyways, right? Please don’t tell Jack Kelly we said this.


The ladies of SIX are popular and a lot of the gal-specific candles ruthlessheroines has on Etsy are currently sold out. Right now there’s a couple Survivor + Catherine Parr ones left but definitely keep your eye out on their page because a lineup of queen candles in your room could be iconic.

Sing Street

If you — like the boys and girls of Sing Street — are too young to have a Guinness pint yourself, this Mini Pint Candle from an Ireland-based shop is quite literally the perfect accompaniment to any and all Sing Street jam sessions.

SpongeBob SquarePants

A Kelp Candle exists and we must have it. So should you.

The Theater

If you have a friend who just misses the theater, loves the theater, breathes the theater, number one: are we your friend? Number two: here you go.


Step into Lulu’s with a Pecan Pie Candle or this one on Etsy that was made especially for lovers of the show. Some advice? Make sure you’ve got easy access to a pie yourself as these delicious scents will no doubt make you hungry (and happy).


You can never go wrong with Wicked. Celebrate the season with a Defying Gravity Candle and make sure to checkout the other candles on this Etsy shop. Spoiler alert this candle-maker is clearly a theater nerd just like us. Happy shopping!