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The Top 10 Moments from the 2018 Tony Awards

June 11, 2018 by Ali Bloomston
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Every year, the theater community comes together to celebrate its collective achievements and distinctive nerdy-ness. In case you missed the 72nd Tony Awards, here are some of the highlights.

The opening number
We had a feeling that the Sara Bareilles-Josh Groban dynamic would be utter perfection, and it only took about 0.2 seconds to confirm that hypothesis. Performed on dueling pianos, their song “This Is for the People Who Lose” became the anthem for everyone who wasn’t the “The Band’s Visit.” Plus, Sara and Josh were gracious enough to remind the nominees that “both of has been in your shoes. This one’s for the loser inside of you!” If it were up to us, we’d give them an honorary Tony Award just for their hilarious performance.


Tina Fey presenting the ‘Mean Girls’ performance
Oh, Tina. How we adore you. While the queen of wit didn’t walk away with a trophy in hand, she did squeeze in a fantastic one-liner. While introducing the ‘Mean Girls’ musical number “Where Do You Belong,” she remarked “All four of tonight’s best musical nominees are based on movies, but only one of these movies paid for my boat.”

As part of the #TonyDreaming theme, presenters were announced as photos from their performances long past were projected onto the screen. For example:  “Our next performer played Lucy in her school production of ‘Charlie Brown.’ Please welcome to the stage Patti LuPone!” #TonyDreaming reminded us how we’ve never quite outgrown our middle-school-theater-nerd stage.  Viewers were also encouraged to submit their own #TonyDreaming photos, and we’re just thankful our moms didn’t participate.

“Eight Times a Week”
Josh and Sara were truly a gift that kept on giving. In a number titled “Eight Times a Week,” they sang about the strain of performing in a Broadway show to the tune of Sia’s stuck-in-your-head tune “Chandelier.” They lamented, “I gotta sing this thing eight times a week!  I want to scream but I really can’t speak! I’m on vocal rest all week!”

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Students
It’s difficult to articulate the impact of this performance by they Marjory Stoneman Douglas drama students. The Parkland survivors sang an impassioned “Seasons of Love” that gave all of us chills. The iconic high note in “measure your life in love” was executed flawlessly by Kali Clougherty.

Glenda Jackson wins, and this child is SHOOK
Yes, she’s a former Member of Parliament. And, yes, she just secured the “Triple Crown of Acting,” which means she boasts an Academy Award, an Emmy, and now a Tony Award. But have you seen this small child behind her? He is losing his mind! If it’s her grandchild, we’re officially jealous. Adopt us too? Glenda stole her moment back when she discussed living and working in New York City. She said: “You, as always, are welcoming, and kind, and generous,” ultimately thanking America for “being great” and bringing all the warm fuzzies.

Nathan Lane is having none of the goat from “Once on this Island”
We’d like to title this moment “The Goat and the G.O.A.T.” (greatest of all time!). The winner of Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play was approached by Broadway’s biggest four-legged star (sorry, Sven from “Frozen”), and he is less than thrilled.

Robert De Niro goes off script
You were probably wondering what was happening with your cable reception when De Niro got up to introduce Bruce Springsteen. But live from Radio City Music Hall, we’re here to fill you in. Robert De Niro said “There’s something I want to say: F*** TRUMP.” Then he said it again. After Springsteen’s performance, Josh and Sara came back onstage (Josh dressed as Jenna from “Waitress” and Sara dressed as Pierre from “Great Comet”). Josh quipped, “After De Niro, CBS told us to do something drastic and here we are!”

Bruce Springsteen’s performance
This will probably be the closest most of us get to seeing The Boss on Broadway. He performed an excerpt from his recent show, a stirring monologue about “the heartbreaking town of Freehold, New Jersey,” where he grew up.

The Band’s Visit” Scores Big
And of course, a major highlight of the night was the impressive 10-Tony sweep by “The Band’s Visit.” The show’s awards included Best Musical, Best Director, and Best Leading Actor and Actress in a Musical. At the beginning of the broadcast, Josh and Sara warned that 90 percent of the nominees would walk out empty-handed. After the domination of “The Band’s Visit” as well as six-time winner “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” they were not wrong.