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The Distancing Diaries: ‘Frozen’ Star Noah J. Ricketts Shares His Creative Inspiration and Top Reads

April 16, 2020 by Suzy Evans
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Noah J. Ricketts at Kristoff and Adam Jepsen as Sven in “Frozen” on Broadway. (Photographed by Dean van Meer)

Welcome to The Distancing Diaries, where we chat with members of the theater community about how they’re staying creative and inspired in the time of social separation. While we can’t go to a show (for now), we hope that by sharing stories from the field, you’ll find comfort, solace, and maybe a few new ideas of how to pass the time. 

“Frozen” star Noah J. Ricketts, who plays Kristoff in the Disney musical, talks with us about how he’s staying busy and inspired during this time. From upping his reading to watching documentaries, the performer shares some advice for things to do while isolated at home.

How has COVID-19 personally affected you?
It’s been really hard dealing with the harsh reality of COVID-19. The first week was the worst. Losing my employment, not feeling safe in the city of New York, and seeing my friends and family in distress has been hard. Since then, I’ve gained a bit more perspective… but each day has inevitable ups and downs. 

What is keeping you inspired during this time?
I’ve been turning to friends, therapy and books for inspiration. I’m currently reading “The Alchemist” and next up is “The Power of Now.”

How are you staying creative?
I took a creative break for the first week and half. My body, brain, and voice needed some rest. I recorded my first singing video with Ryann Redmond of Des’ree’s “You Gotta Be.” Just to give some inspiring words to all of my social media followers and give the gift of song. 

How are you practicing self-care?
I am practicing self care by being gentle to myself. I take each day at my own pace and in the middle of each day I practice yoga and read. 

What is something (or a few things) great that you’ve watched?
I haven’t watched nearly as much TV as I thought I would. But when I do watch TV, I’ve been enjoying documentaries, like “Tiger King” (omg it’s insane) and “The Goop Lab”!

What is something that you’ve enjoyed reading?
I’ve been reading wellness books like “Ask and It’s Given” and “You Are a Badass”

What are you listening to (music, podcasts, audiobook, meditation app)?
I’ve been using Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s mindfulness app to meditate daily. I’ve also been listening to “Ten Percent Happier” and my friends podcast “Guys Who Like Musicals.” It’s awesome. 

Have you gotten into cooking or baking? What’s something that you’ve enjoyed making?
I’ve been cooking more. But keeping it basic. Rice, beans, and greens. Simple and effective. 

How are you staying physically and vocally ready to return to your show?
I’ve been stretching a lot more and giving my voice the break it needs to heal from eight shows a week. Rest and recovery.

How do you think people can support theater and the arts community and engage with it during this time?
You can support the theatre by donating to The Actors’ Fund. A lot of actors are out of work for an indefinite amount of time. Your donations will help to keep us healthy and fed during this time. Also check out a lot of actors Instagram pages for live streams and free classes. There’s a lot going on online!