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The 6 Times Stephanie J. Block Became Cher On Stage and IRL

April 16, 2019 by TodayTix
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Stephanie J. Block (center), Teal Wicks (left), and Micaela Diamond (right) in “The Cher Show” on Broadway. (Photographed by Joan Marcus)

It takes not one but three incredible actors to become the titular living legend on Broadway in “The Cher Show,” which chronicles the singer’s life from childhood to “The Sonny and Cher Show” to the Believe tour.

On Monday night, Micaela Diamond, Teal Wicks, and Stephanie J. Block, who play Babe, Lady, and Star respectively in the musical, joined Cher on “The Tonight Show” for a special takeover. (Jarrod Spector, who plays Sonny Bono in the show, also took the stage and sang “I’ve Got You Babe” with Cher.)

The three actors call the act of playing the icon “Cher-apy.” Tony Award nominee Block anchors the show as Star, and she has formed a special relationship with Cher (midnight emails are exchanged), and we’ve got all the times — onstage and off — Block literally becomes Cher.

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Cher refers to Block’s character as herself.
The singer has been very involved in the creative process for the show, and while three incredible performers take on the title role, Cher refers to Block’s role in the first person. “She kept referring to my character as herself,” Block told The Hollywood Reporter. “So she would say, ‘The young one and Lady and then I step onstage.’ And when she would say ‘I’ she meant my part as Star. That really got me very emotional. Because I thought, ‘OK, she sees herself in what we’re portraying onstage.'”

It runs in the family. Her daughter Vivi does a great Cher impression.
Block told the hosts of The View that her daughter, Vivi, who calls Cher “Princess Sparklepants,” goes around the house singing “Do you believe in life after love?” in her own Cher voice. Vivi met Cher before the “Tonight Show” taping, and according to Block’s Twitter, tugged on her pants and called her Ms. Princess Sparkle Pants.

Crest Whitestrips are the secret to her Cher voice.
Block was having trouble with the singer’s speaking voice, but she discovered her method when she was bleaching her teeth on evening. After performing “I Found Someone” on “The View,” she told the hosts that as soon as she started speaking with Crest Whitestrips in her mouth, her husband was like, “That’s it!”

She can hold her own performing with Cher.
At opening night curtain call, Block welcomed Cher onstage as “Turn Back Time” started to play, and both Block and Cher began singing at the same time. Block let Cher start the song. “Who the hell do I think I am? You go ahead Cher. You sing your own hit song. There you go girl,” Block told The Hollywood Reporter.

They are both very active on Twitter.
While Block’s one-word tweets haven’t achieved meme status like her onstage alter-ego, Block engages with her followers and fans very regularly about the show.

She calls out phones in the audience, just as Cher would.
In Cher’s shoes, Block feels comfortable calling out the phones in the audience, particularly during the concert-like sections of the show. Take your stage, girl.