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The 5 Stages of Winning a Broadway Lottery

August 19, 2016 by Juliana Panzera
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If you love theater and are on a budget, then you are probably too familiar with the complex roller coaster of emotions that comes along with entering a lottery to win tickets to a show you really want to see. Here are the five stages of winning a lottery.

1. Excitement

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The show you’ve been waiting not-so-patiently to see finally announced a lottery. Of course you are going to enter every day. So you take the plunge and throw your name in the ring. What the heck, you don’t have anything to lose! You feel a surge of overwhelming excitement as you are now (hopefully) one step closer to seeing the show.

2. Anticipation

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Most mobile or digital lotteries don’t stop taking entries until after midday. So, depending on what time you entered, there will likely be a significant amount of waiting involved. You feel assured that your odds are good, confident in your chances of winning, and can’t wait until you get that winner email.

3. Apprehension

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Oh no. Your confidence is beginning to waiver. You start to consider all of the other people who are also trying to see this show. Do you really have a shot at winning? Are you sure your entry even went through? What if there is a system crash and nobody wins? These questions will invade your every thought. Stay strong.

4. Panic

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Doubt becomes panic. The lottery closed at 3:00pm and now it’s 3:01pm. Still no email or notification? What’s going on? Your internal alarm starts sounding until suddenly you hear the ping of a new message. You open your mailbox, holding your breath…

5. Euphoria

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Congratulations! Do your eyes deceive you? No, you actually won! Pure happiness sets in as you realize that your greatest hope has some true and you will indeed be one of the lucky audience members at tonight’s performance. You’d like to thank your mom, your first grade teacher and everyone else who ever believed in you!

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