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Take our voting playlist with you to the polls (and sing out for what you believe in)

October 27, 2020 by TodayTix
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This collaborative playlist was made by TodayTix staffers, NYCLU employees, and members of the Broadway community. Blast it as you cast your vote and get an instant empowerment boost to remind yourself why your voice matters!

“You Don’t Own Me,” Lesley Gore
Tina, Marketing
at TodayTix

Never in my life have I heard this song without immediately wanting to run a marathon or start a revolution or, at the very least, yell back at someone on the street who tells me to smile. It’s the perfect song for women, or for anyone, to listen to as a reminder that autonomy should be a right, and if our vote is what it takes to make that the truth, a vote we shall cast!

“Immigrants (We Get The Job Done),” The Hamilton Mixtape
Deeksha Gaur
, Show-Score

Even though the song explores different origin stories, different languages, different challenges, it really highlights the commonalities in the immigrant experience: grit, determination, put-your-head-down-and-get-it-done-ness. When I put in my headphones and blare it really loud, I feel ready to take on the world. 

Freedom,” Beyoncé (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
Tom Leggat, People Ops
at TodayTix

Beyoncé. Enough said…but also, the song deals with the themes of empowerment, liberation, encouraging action, and reminding you not to give up on what you’re fighting for.

“Save the Country,” Laura Nyro
Judy Kuhn, Tony, Olivier, and Grammy Winner 

It is an uplifting, urgent call to everyone to participate in our crazy democracy. You can also dance to it!

“Alive,” Sia
Mikey Harris, Engineering at TodayTix

Sometimes you just need to rock out like you’re wearing a half blond half black wig. I love this song to just remind me to be thankful for what you’ve got. 

“Natural Woman,” Carole King
Suzy, Marketing
at TodayTix

An empowering classic ballad that also became a showtune? Sign me up. This song is the perfect tune to make you feel empowered to embrace who you are and exercise your right to vote.

“I Am Woman (Hear Me Roar),” Helen Reddy
Courtney King, Merchandising at TodayTix

Helen Reddy grew up in showbiz and her breakout hit was a cover of “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar, so I consider her a theater gal through and through. In addition, this particular song made waves as an anthem for the Women’s Liberation Movement 50 years ago and is (frustratingly) just as relevant to the movement today. It will absolutely be playing when I cast my vote this year. 

“Americans,” Janelle Monáe and “Commander In Chief,” Demi Lovato
The Sing Out For Freedom Producing Team

Janelle creates the perfect tune to get us ready to continue the fight no matter what, and Demi’s new song takes the words right out of our mouths. 

“Titanium,” David Guetta feat. Sia 
Michelle Breen, Partnerships
at TodayTix

Every time I listen to this it makes me feel uplifted and ready to face the world! Things may happen in life, but you can pick yourself up and come back stronger with each challenge you face! 

“Not Ready to Make Nice,” The Chicks
Geri, Partnerships
at TodayTix

The Chicks’ angry country-rock anthem rings true while heading to the voting booth this year. While we’re all doing our part to vote for the country we want to see, the past few years and 2020 in particular have been filled with anger, frustration, and sadness that won’t go away on November 3 — this song puts a powerful tune to that complicated feeling.

Victoria Ugarte, Product
at TodayTix

This song truly makes me want to take on the world. Unlike other songs of his, Bad Bunny takes the politically complacent to task, speaking on everything from Puerto Rico’s status to Black Lives Matter. This song really recognizes and celebrates the power of women, and while the song ends with a spoken word poem that is filled with pain, most importantly, it ends with hope.