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Stomp Fun Facts: All the sand, garbage cans, and more the percussive production uses

October 21, 2021 by TodayTix
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Since Stomp premiered downtown New York City in 1994, the innovative production has been impressing and entertaining audiences at the Orpheum Theatre in the East Village. From garbage can melodies to symphonic sand, the genius of Stomp lies in the unconventional materials and instruments used to make pure percussion. 

We chatted with the Stomp team to find out just how many garbage cans, sand, newspapers, and more that they’ve used. 

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389,376 Liters of Water

Stomp uses everything and anything to make music, including the kitchen sink! Since the show premiered, the company has used 389,376 liters of water, including drinking water for the cast! 

2,704 Gallons of Paint

All the sweeping and well, stomping, can wear on the stage, so in order to keep the theatre in top condition, regular painting is required. The stage is painted every two to three weeks, and over the show’s tenue, 2,704 gallons of paint have been used.

13,520 Wooden Poles 

The Stomp company uses all sorts of props and accessories to make sounds, and wooden poles are key to their rhythm. 13,520 wooden poles have been used during the show’s run, and at one point in the show, these poles are used to mimic the chimes of Big Ben in London.

5,408 Hammer Handles 

These tools are used as mallets to hit the above wooden poles to make various sounds in the show, including the Big Ben effect. 

54,080 Newspapers 

One of the most memorable moments in Stomp is when a castmember is trying to do a crossword puzzle, when the rest of the ensemble come up with other uses for said newspaper. In the process of making this moment, 54,080 newspapers have come in handy. 

4,056 Ball-point Pens

You can’t do a crossword puzzle without a pen (or pencil), but the cast of Stomp are crossword pros and only do puzzles in ink. 

15,624 Boxes of Matches

We won’t spoil it here — you have to see the show to find out — but the matchbox sequence in Stomp is iconic. The production imports British Swan Vesta matches (15,624 boxes, to be exact), and the matches are soaked in salt water to remove the sulfide and dried so they won’t ignite onstage. 

6,760 Rolls of Gaff Tape 

With so much stomping and moving around, it’s important to keep props in good condition and protect them from wear and tear. Gaff tape helps with this effort, and 6,760 rolls have been used. 

27,040 Pounds of Sand 

Sand adds texture to the stage under the performers’ feet, so they can shuffle and move creating an acoustic wonderland. Since 1994, 27,040 pounds of sand have covered the stage. 

13,520 Garbage Can Lids

Bin lids, as they’re called in England where Stomp was born, are an integral part of the percussive landscape, and performers use them as makeshift cymbals, for acrobatic tricks, and as an all-around crowd pleaser.  13,520 lids have served as props in the show. 

9,464 Garbage Cans 

You’ve likely seen garbage cans (or rubbish bins) in the marketing material (or the image above) for Stomp, and that’s because they’re essential to the show’s climactic finale. Over the course of the run, 9,464 have helped make theatrical magic. 

1,352 Pedal Garbage Cans  

The cast uses these bins in an entertaining scene when two performers are attempting to put sand in a third’s pedal bin. Fun fact: When Stomp touring in Japan, the pedal bin didn’t work, so the company shipped one from the U.S. to Tokyo. When that bin arrived, they discovered the pedal was stuck.  

27,040 Drumsticks

Percussion requires something to percuss with. 27,040 drumsticks to be exact.