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Rush Week: Which sorority or fraternity would Broadway characters be in?

April 11, 2022 by TodayTix
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TodayTix Rush Week

Happy Rush Week! Congratulations, you’re all automatically lifetime members of the TT fraternity (if there was one), no pledging or rituals necessary. But we’re actually talking about a different kind of rush week: one where we celebrate all the Broadway and Off-Broadway shows you can get Rush tickets to right now.

What are Rush tickets? Rush tickets are tickets you purchase on the day of a show for that afternoon’s or evening’s performance, and they’re available for an exclusive low price. TodayTix has over a dozen shows with Rush tickets right now, including six Broadway Rush shows. You can catch celebrities on stage, like Debra Messing or Jesse Williams, for as low as $30 — or you can see an Off-Broadway show for as low as $10!

In the spirit of Rush, though, we asked: How would these characters fare in Greek life? What fraternities or sororities would they rush?

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Debra Messing

Ernestine Ashworth in Birthday Candles: Alpha Delta Pi

Founded in 1851, Alpha Delta Pi is the oldest sorority in the country. Ernestine Ashworth (played by Debra Messing), who we see age from 17 to 107 in Birthday Candles‘s 90 minutes, would probably appreciate the history and reliability of such an old institution.

In the show, she grows up and her loves, hopes, and ambitions change, and the only thing that stays the same is the birthday cake she bakes every year. She’d probably be comforted to know that there’s something else out there, like her sorority sisterhood, that’ll always be around as long as she is.

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Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire in Mrs. Doubtfire: Gamma Phi Beta

Mrs. Doubtfire — not Daniel Hillard, but his elderly British nanny alter ego specifically — would probably wax poetic to her children about her college days, so she’d have been in a sorority with an old and storied history. Maybe she rushed Gamma Phi Beta back in the day — founded in 1874, it was the first organization to call itself a “sorority.” She could have been sorority sisters with Broadway legend Cloris Leachman, or preceded Kristin Chenoweth!

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Alex Edelman: Just For Us

Alex Edelman in Just For Us: Alpha Epsilon Pi

Alex Edelman knows how to break into a secret society — his stand-up show Just For Us is about how he, a Jewish man, infiltrated a white supremacist group that directed online hate at him in order to see firsthand what they were like behind closed doors. After that rather harrowing experience, though, he’d probably look for a more welcoming environment if he were to rush a fraternity — perhaps a historically Jewish, yet all-inclusive, society like Alpha Epsilon Pi.

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Take Me Out

Darren Lemming in Take Me Out: Delta Lambda Phi

Sports teams practically are fraternities, especially at colleges without Greek life. While the Empires at large could constitute a traditional frat of their own, Darren Lemming (played by Jesse Williams), who is gay, might find himself more at home in a frat like Delta Lambda Phi, which is inclusive of LGBTQ men. Mason Marzac (played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson) would probably join him and cheer him on at every college baseball game.

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The suffragists in Suffs: Alpha Chi Omega

The 20th-century suffs, who fought for the women’s right to vote and founded their own organizations to do so, like the National Women Suffrage Associaton and the National Women’s Party, would be the type to start their own sorority at college. But if they rushed an existing one, they’d probably join something like Alpha Chi Omega, one of the nation’s earliest sororities, which was founded by enterprising women like them. And that organization was founded as a music society, perfect for characters from a musical like Suffs!

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American Buffalo

Donny, Teach, and Bobby in American Buffalo: Sigma Alpha Epsilon

If the American Buffalo trio were in college, Laurence Fishburne’s Donny and Sam Rockwell’s Teach would absolutely join the fraternity first and be the ones hazing Darren Criss‘s Bobby later. That’s sort of what they do in the play anyway, sending him out on errands and yelling at him before inducting him into their super-secret heist to steal a buffalo nickel, only to exclude him again. In any case, these drink- and gambling-friendly hustlers would gravitate toward a frat like Sigma Alpha Epsilon, which has a rather notorious reputation.

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The boys of To My Girls: Kappa Psi Kappa

When a group of gay male friends reunites for a Palm Springs vacation in To My Girls, they rent out a house and essentially plan to turn it into their frat house for the weekend, spending it having fun and catching up over drinks. Back in their own college days, the close-knit group would be the type to all rush the same frat together, one like Kappa Psi Kappa that’s aimed to support LGBTQ men of all backgrounds. (By the end of the play, though, they probably wouldn’t want to share a frat house — or any house — with each other ever again.)

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The Minutes

The Big Cherry town council in The Minutes: The Machine

Big Cherry’s council holds the town’s secrets and history extremely closely. As far as the council members and the townspeople who attend their meetings are concerned, there are certain things you just know not to question. They would be a college secret society of their own, like one of the many storied ones at Dartmouth or Yale (with much more ominous names than “Big Cherry”), or The Machine at the University of Alabama. The newcomer who asks all the wrong questions in Tracy Letts’s play would be the new recruit to the society who either learns the rules of the society and successfully rushes it, or else destroys it.

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How I Learned to Drive

Li’l Bit in How I Learned to Drive: Kappa Kappa Gamma

College and Li’l Bit don’t mix in Paula Vogel’s play, as the character unfortunately ends up flunking out. While at school, she probably got tangled up with a party-heavy sorority, but if she could do it all over again, the adult Li’l Bit (played by Mary-Louise Parker) — finally ready to move on with her life after years of trauma — would make a strong sorority president in a group like Kappa Kappa Gamma, teaching the new recruits how to stay away from harm in the world of college. The sorority even has a dedicated outreach program to support middle school girls. And Li’l Bit wouldn’t haze — she knows young women have enough to handle.

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Seven Sins

The Company XIV troupe in Seven Sins: Sigma Chi

Seven Sins is a burlesque, dance, and music show that revels in debauchery. The acts are inspired by the seven deadly sins and the fall of man from the Garden of Eden — but as a thoroughly thrilling, interactive event. Naturally, the characters in Seven Sins would rush a frat like Sigma Chi, many of whose chapters are known for their legendary parties. Let the drinks flow and the sinfully fun revelry commence!

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James McAvoy in Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano in Cyrano de Bergerac: Alpha Delta Phi

Nowadays, Alpha Delta Phi is a regular social fraternity. But closer to Cyrano’s time (albeit still 200 years younger than him), upon its 1832 founding, it was a society for people interested in literature. The eloquent Cyrano would rush that fraternity in a heartbeat, as the character has a knack for writing. Maybe his fraternity brothers would be able to talk him out of writing love letters to his crush on another man’s behalf, essentially ruining his chances. Or at least proofread them before he sends them.

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