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Our Guide to NYC PodFest 2018

April 4, 2018 by CJ Schwartz
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We all think about podcasts as a solitary activity, but now you can experience podcasts and meet your favorite hosts this weekend at the fifth annual NYC PodFest. That’s right — podcasts are taking over the Lower East Side April 6-8. If you don’t recognize the titles, here’s what we think will be your perfect match:

1. If you want to see some great comedy…
We all love “The Tonight Show,” but getting tickets is near impossible. Why not go straight to the source and see some of the Tonight Show writers in person for their podcast “How to Be a Person,” with special guest Michael Ian Black.

Looking for something a little snarkier? Check out “Kill Me Now” with award-winning comedian and writer Judy Gold. She and her guests will vent with humor and passion about the injustices of daily life— be it gender pay equality or the friend who will never pick up the check.

2. If you love a good deal…
For $5, check out “The Touré Show.” TV personality Touré interviews accomplished people to learn what they did to succeed and what advice they have to share.

3. If you want to discuss the issues…
If you’re engaged politically and want to hear some unique and important points of view, check out “ViewPoint with Bakari Sellers.”

For a funnier take on the news, try “Two Beers In: A Tipsy Political Round Table,” co-hosted by UCB comedians.

4. If you want to avoid anything remotely political…
How about a good, healthy debate about…the TV Guide Channel? This is a very important topic, and no stone will be left unturned. Tune in for “TV Guidance Counselor.”

5. If you love to nerd out…
What Really Happened with Andrew Jenks” chronicles Jenks’s investigations into new narratives and untold stories about historical events. The special guest at the live taping will be Jason Flom, Lava Records CEO and Innocence Project founding board member.

6. If you miss the ’80s sketch comedy show “The Kids in the Hall”…
We don’t have that, but we do have comedian and original cast member Kevin McDonald. Check out “Kevin McDonald’s Kevin McDonald Show” with, you guessed it, Kevin McDonald.

7. If you want to have it all…

Most shows don’t conflict, so you don’t have to pick just one!

Get tickets to NYC Podfest and see the full list of what’s playing here.