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Our Guide to Brooklyn Immersive Pop-up ‘Dream Machine’

April 26, 2018 by CJ Schwartz
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If you’re looking for one of those truly “only in New York” experiences, head to ‘Dream Machine’ a new immersive pop-up experience in Williamsburg designed to be tactile and sharable.

We checked it out with Madelyn Ho (a member of Paul Taylor Dance Company), to see if this dreamy experience lived up to the hype. (Spoiler alert: It did).

What is it?
‘Dream Machine’ is a nine-room installation where each room has a new and unique setting for you to see, touch, and photograph. It’s the ideal setting to let your imagination (and Instagram story) run wild.

What to bring
Make sure to bring a fully-charged phone because we’re not kidding: Your next Facebook profile picture awaits here. There’s also a complimentary coat check where you can also stow strollers. No matter what the wacky weather is doing, you’ll be all set.

Tips and tricks
Want to get the most out of your experience? Make sure to wear shoes that are easy to take on and off if you want to play in the ball pit. Kids under 3 are free (woot!), and did we mention there’s a secret infinity mirror room in the laundromat?

What to do in Williamsburg while you’re there…
While you’re in the Williamsburg area, check out some of our favorite vintage stores like 10 Ft Single by Stella Dallas, Beacon’s Closet, or Malin Landeus. Or, treat yourself to a manicure at Paintbucket Nail Shop. Looking for a bite to eat? We recommend fried chicken at The Commodore, oysters at Maison Premiere, or french onion soup at Juliette, where you can also enjoy their picturesque rooftop.

So, what are you waiting for? Get tickets to “Dream Machine” now.


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