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Our Favorite Tony Award-Nominated Shows!

May 28, 2019 by TodayTix
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We’ve got every single Tony-nominated show on sale right now, so we rounded up our our staff’s favorite Tony-nominated plays and musicals. Whether you’re looking for an upbeat jukebox musical, a moving drama, or a boundary breaking new show, here are the reasons we think you should see this year’s Tony nominees.

Ephraim Sykes, Jeremy Pope, Jawan M. Jackson, James Harkness, and Derrick Baskin in “Ain’t Too Proud” on Broadway. (Photographed by Matthew Murphy)

Diane (Marketing Team): Ain’t Too Proud
When I found out my favorite playwright Dominique Morisseau and favorite choreographer Sergio Trujillo were joining forces on a musical, I knew it would be magical. I’m a sucker for jukebox musicals but “Ain’t Too Proud” goes above and beyond. It’s a beautiful celebration of Black artists that tells an honest and powerful narrative about The Temptations’s rise to the top. The energy, the love, and the excellence on that stage is unmatched. Also…shout-out to those fabulous women who are kicking butt in a male-dominated show!

Get tickets to “Ain’t Too Proud.”

Bryan Cranston in “Network.”

Rachel (Marketing Team): Network
In “Network,” you’re watching a play and a film at the same time – there’s a huge screen above the stage with a camera crew live-streaming the play’s action. It allows you to see the story unfurl both from a distance and also right up in the actors’ faces. I don’t know what it takes to act for the stage and the screen simultaneously, but Bryan Cranston absolutely nails it.

Get tickets to “Network.”

Sophia Anne Caruso and Alex Brightman in “Beetlejuice” on Broadway. (Photographed by Matthew Murphy)

Geri (Accounts Team): Beetlejuice
“Beetlejuice” is hands-down my favorite new musical this season. It’s got everything you could want from a night on Broadway – eye-popping visuals, fierce vocals (I’m now officially a fangirl for Sophia Ann Caruso), belly laughs, catchy music, touching moments, and two and a half hours of nonstop entertainment. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun on Broadway whether or not you already love the movie.

Get tickets to “Beetlejuice.”

Jonny Lee Miller and Bertie Carvel in “Ink” on Broadway. (Photographed by Joan Marcus)

Zoe (Accounts Team): Ink
Having only heard that the show had “something to do with Rupert Murdoch,” I had no idea what I was in for when I nabbed a ticket for “Ink.” Flash forward and now the whole TodayTix office can probably attest to the fact that I won’t stop talking about it. Bertie Carvel is stunning as Murdoch, weaving in and out of the story with such an indelible performance that I found myself hoping the modern day anti-hero would be in each scene. And then there’s Jonny Lee Miller… completely relentless in the best possible way as editor Larry Lamb, never leaving the stage or allowing the audience a minute to catch up. TL:DR “Ink” is exquisitely acted, sharply written, and worth a watch.

Get tickets to “Ink.”

Josh Lamon, Beth Leavel, Brooks Ashmanksas, and Angie Schworer in “The Prom” on Broadway. (Photographed by Deen van Meer)

Cory (Marketing Team): The Prom
“The Prom” is way more fun than any other prom I have been to, and I didn’t even have to wear a tux! Seriously though, this dream cast, which includes Beth Leavel and Brooks Ashmanskas, brings this incredible show to life and reminds us in the opening number the importance of “Changing Lives.” And while this entire score (music by Matthew Sklar, lyrics by Chad Beguelin) is fabulous, “Dance with You,” a duet focusing on the show’s younger characters (played by Caitlin Kinnunen and Isabelle McCalla) is the song I cannot stop listening to on repeat. I can’t wait to see this show again, who wants to be my “Prom” date?

Get tickets to “The Prom.”

“King Kong” on Broadway. (Photographed by Matthew Murphy)

Megan (Operations Team): King Kong
“King Kong” was an exciting spectacle, turning puppeteering into choreography as a 20-foot gorilla moved gracefully across the stage. My expectations were blown away as the story we all know and love came to life using the magic of Broadway.

Get tickets to “King Kong.”

Nathan Lane in “Gary” on Broadway. (Photographed by Julieta Cervantes)

Eden (Accounts Team): Gary
I’m a huge Shakespeare nerd and watching “Gary” felt like I was watching a newly discovered Shakespeare play. It’s witty, heartfelt, relevant with a dash of Taylor Mac raunchiness. Plus, is there anything better than watching 3 extremely talented actors spouting clever things while running in and around a pile of dead bodies?

Get tickets to “Gary.”

Patrick Page and Reeve Carney in “Hadestown” on Broadway. (Photographed by Matthew Murphy)

Ardi (Creative Team): Hadestown
I’ve been an avid fan of greek mythology, mainly the Hades and Persephone myth, and initially came in the theater with a lot of curious doubts, only to be blown away. The myth was handled with care in a very adult and sophisticated way. “Hadestown” brings the myth alive, close enough for one to touch, but distant enough for people to want more.

Get tickets to “Hadestown.”

Heidi Schreck in “What the Constitution Means to Me”

Courtney (Marketing Team): What the Constitution Means to Me
“What the Constitution Means to Me” simultaneously reignites a passion for our country’s foundation and stokes the fire inside to push for change. It’s also just a really enjoyable evening of theater. Plus a live debate included with every ticket! (You may be surprised whose side you take.)

Get tickets to “What the Constitution Means to Me.”

Nick (Operations Team): Hillary and Clinton
The 2018-2019 season has been another great year for plays on Broadway, but maybe none more exciting than the return of Laurie Metcalf to the stage for the third year in a row with “Hillary and Clinton.” The entire cast is stellar and Lucas Hnath’s superb script is witty and touching, allowing us to look at Hillary and Bill, people we know very well, in a completely different, very human light. “Hillary and Clinton” isn’t about politicians, its about family, marriage and staying together.

Get tickets to “Hillary and Clinton.”

“The Ferryman”

Rohi (Engineering Team): The Ferryman
If you see one play this season, make it “The Ferryman.” In this love story, set during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the couple is caught between duty and love while their families are being torn apart by political upheaval. The show is a spectacle to say the least — there is a live hare and a goose onstage and during a feast scene the cast eats real roast. However, the show doesn’t rest on sheer spectacle. The crisp writing and fantastic cast kept me on the edge of my seat. I can’t remember a more thrilling climax scene!

Get tickets to “The Ferryman.”

Adam Driver in “Burn This” on Broadway. (Photographed by Matthew Murphy)

Sam (Marketing Team): Burn This
“Burn This” was as hilarious as it was intense and Adam Driver stole the show. He is impossible to take your eyes off of and so freakin’ tall!

Get tickets to “Burn This.”

Santino Fontana in “Tootsie” on Broadway. (Photographed by Matthew Murphy)

Olivia (Product Team): Tootsie
“Tootsie” has some seriously funny moments delivered by an amazing cast. The music ranges from old-school musical numbers to fast-paced tunes that can’t help but make you laugh. I laughed so hard when Sarah Stiles sang “What’s Gonna Happen,” and John Behlmann as the dumb reality star Max was my favorite character.

Get tickets to “Tootsie.”

Stephanie J. Block (center), Teal Wicks (left), and Micaela Diamond (right) in “The Cher Show” on Broadway. (Photographed by Joan Marcus)

Ali (Expansion Team): The Cher Show
I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun in a Broadway theater as I did at “The Cher Show.” I love prim-and-proper Broadway etiquette as much as the next theater professional, but there is something special about going to a show where the audience isn’t afraid to dance in their seats, scream out “YES QUEEN!” and cheers their over-priced wine glass with the stranger next to them. The whole production oozes sparkle, from the jaw-dropping Bob Mackey costumes to the fierce performances and girl-power themes. And do I need to even mention how much of a literal goddess Stephanie J. Block is? Seriously, we are unworthy of that beltress.

Get tickets to “The Cher Show.”

Jeff Daniels in “To Kill a Mockingbird” on Broadway. (Photographed by Julieta Cervantes)

Abby (Marketing Team): To Kill a Mockingbird
“To Kill a Mockingbird” is a monumental play. The moment that Jeff Daniels stepped onstage, I believed he was Atticus Finch. The second that Celia Kennan-Bolger spoke as Scout, she was my storyteller for the night. Whether you read the book in high school or have never visited Maycomb, Alabama before, this story teaches an essential lesson that feels more relevant than ever before.

Get tickets to “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Damon Daunno and Mary Testa in “Oklahoma!” on Broadway. (Photographed by Little Fang Photo)

Ryan (Operations Team): Oklahoma!
“Oklahoma!” succeeds where other revivals falter by making a classic show relevant to the modern audience. An artfully re-imagined score, unique staging, and bold use of technology showcase the creative direction, while stand-out performances from supporting actors steal the show (hello, Mary Testa and Ali Stoker). Daring and emotional, “Oklahoma!” is Broadway at its best – take notes!

Get tickets to “Oklahoma!”

Will Roland and the cast of “Be More Chill” on Broadway. (Photographed by Maria Baranova)

Katie (Marketing Team): Be More Chill
I love play rehearsal “Be More Chill” because Christine brings me back to my high school theater days and TBH, I could definitely benefit from having a super-computer singing in my head about how to be cool. The score is super-catchy and somehow manages to blend Broadway with retro video game soundtracks. Even if you’re not a big musical fan, the show is hilarious and we can all relate to hiding out in a bathroom at a party when we’ve felt awkward.

Get tickets to “Be More Chill.”

Nina (Marketing Team): King Lear
Sure, it’s four hours of iambic pentameter, but the challenge is worth it just to see Glenda Jackson in this historic, gender-bending performance. Unlike other portrayals of Lear, hers struck me as being less about insanity and more about the inevitable tragedy of aging, which I found more moving and relatable. Most of us have watched a family member decline the way Jackson’s Lear does, so if you’re up for a good, cathartic cry, this is your show. And don’t worry, you’ll laugh too thanks to Ruth Wilson who spends half her onstage time as The Fool (and the other half as Cordelia).

Get tickets to “King Lear.”

Corbin Blue in “Kiss Me Kate” on Broadway. (Photographed by Joan Marcus)

Marc (Tech Team): Kiss Me, Kate
“Kiss Me, Kate” won the first Tony Award for Best Musical in 1949, and 70 years later it is still magical. Seven-time Tony nominee Kelli O’Hara sounds better than ever. This show is the best of Golden Age musical theater, with a perfectly lush score by Cole Porter and five-minute long, show-stopping dance numbers. A must-see!

Get tickets to “Kiss Me, Kate.”

Tracy Letts and Annette Bening in “All My Sons” on Broadway. (Photographed by Joan Marcus)

Suzy (Marketing Team): All My Sons
As a frequent theatergoer, I’m embarrassed to say I had never seen a production of “All My Sons” before, and now I don’t know if another production will ever live up. Tracy Letts and Benjamin Walker are electrifying in Roundabout’s revival, and Annette Bening’s every movement is heartbreaking. I don’t remember the last time I was so tense and on the edge of my seat at the end of a show. It was such a thrill to discover this classic Arthur Miller play in this exquisite production.

Get tickets to “All My Sons.”