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Off-Broadway shows to see for under $50

May 17, 2022 by TodayTix
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You’ve seen all the biggest Broadway blockbusters and memorized the cast albums, and you’re looking for something new. Or maybe you live in an outer borough and don’t want to commute all the way to Midtown. Maybe you usually see classic plays and want to see a new musical or a comedy show for a change. Whatever the case, you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy off Broadway.

During the TodayTix 100K Seat Sale, we’ve got tons of Off-Broadway tickets available for under $50. We’ve got tickets to hot new musicals, Pulitzer-winning plays, acclaimed comedy shows, and so much more, all for a great price! We’ve also got Broadway tickets under $50 and shows for under $99, so check those out to score even more theatre ticket deals!

Venues all across the city offer a wide range of shows for every type of theatregoer, and tickets to so many of them are available on TodayTix for low prices. Check out our roundup of Off-Broadway shows to see for under $50, and once you find one (or a few) you like, get your tickets on TodayTix!

Get 100K Seat Sale tickets on TodayTix.

Alison Leiby: Oh God, A Show About Abortion

Alison Leiby: Oh God, A Show About Abortion

The New York Times named Alison Leiby’s show the best political comedy of 2021, and it’s timelier now than ever. She goes through the minutae that come with preparing for an abortion, like braving the CVS fertility aisle in a red state and picking the right outfit, and shares insight about womanhood, sex, and motherhood — or lack thereof, and how that’s a perfectly valid option.

Get Alison Leiby: Oh God, A Show About Abortion tickets on TodayTix.

Asylum NYC

Asylum NYC is one of the city’s best comedy venues you haven’t been to yet. Right now, for $20, you can catch a troupe of seven comedians perform their signature improv show featuring wacky characters, songs, and scenes based on audience suggestions. And for just $43.50 this summer, catch Titanique, a parody of Titanic featuring a fabulous (actress playing) Céline Dion singing all her greatest hits and turning the Oscar-winning film on its head.

Get Asylum Mainstage Presents… tickets on TodayTix.

Get Titanique tickets on TodayTix.



BATSU! is a live Japanese game show experience, but you don’t need to buy a plane ticket to Japan to see it — go right here in New York for just $36. See contestants compete in all kinds of wacky challenges to avoid getting paintballed, shocked, visited by an egg-throwing chicken, or any number of equally wacky punishments.

Get BATSU! tickets on TodayTix.


Park Avenue Armory is hosting Robert Icke’s acclaimed production of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy. For just $49, see the story of a young prince who goes mad during his quest for revenge at one of the coolests venues in New York.

Get Hamlet tickets on TodayTix.

Players Theatre

The Players Theatre has a rotating lineup of hilarious comedy acts in its intimate downtown venue. Right now, you can get real personal with comedians at I Mostly Blame Myself, where they perform dark yet relatable sketches about the things about ourselves we don’t much like to talk about. What could be funnier than confronting your inner demons for only $21?

Get I Mostly Blame Myself tickets on TodayTix.

Rooftop Movies

Enjoy a movie under the stars for only $20! Rooftop Movies is back for the spring and summer with a lineup of fan-favorite films of all genres, including Cabaret, Titanic, Austin Powers, The Shining, and so much more. Check out the full schedule at the link below!

Get Rooftop Movies tickets on TodayTix.

Seven Sins

Seven Sins

Saving so much money on a tempting night out can’t be a sin. For just $29, you can catch Seven Sins, Company XIV’s newest adult variety show. Burlesque, opera, dance, music, and more come together in this retelling of Adam and Eve’s fall from the Garden of Eden. This show is full of surprises and tempting treats and drinks crafted to fit the show’s theme.

Get Seven Sins tickets on TodayTix.

…what the end will be

Tickets are only $39 for …what the end will be, the newest play by Mansa Ra at Roundabout Theatre Company. In this poignant family drama, three generations of men living under one roof discuss their differing experiences with being Black and gay.

Get …what the end will be tickets on TodayTix.


¡Americano! tells the true story of Tony Valdovinos, a young Mexican American who dreams of becoming a Marine, but discovers he’s an undocumented immigrant and can’t enlist. With stirring songs and energetic dances, this musical adaptation of his life tells how he discovered a new dream and worked to help other immigrants like him find their home in America. Tickets to ¡Americano! start at just $39.

Get ¡Americano! tickets on TodayTix.

Between The Lines

Dive into a fantasy world for only $49 this summer. Based on bestselling author Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer’s novel of the same name, the Between The Lines musical follows a lonely young girl who unexpectedly finds companionship when the prince from her favorite book comes to life. But in their relationship, where does reality end and fiction begin?

Get Between The Lines tickets on TodayTix.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Tennessee Williams’s Pulitzer Prize-winning classic is being revived off Broadway in the heat of the summer. For $35, you can see this scorching tale of a family celebrating the 65th birthday of their patriarch, “Big Daddy.” But the heat turns up when it’s revealed that Big Daddy is dying, and long-simmering family tensions boil over.

Get Cat on a Hot Tin Roof tickets on TodayTix.

Snow in Midsummer

Snow in midsummer is a pretty unlikely event, but getting $47 to a buzzy Off-Broadway play isn’t as unlikely. They’re available for Snow in Midsummer, a tale of ghosts, environmental destruction, and justice. A businesswoman moves to a small town ravaged by drought, which she learns is being wrought by the ghost of a woman who was wrongfully executed there. It’s up to the businesswoman to get justice for the late woman and stop the town from being destroyed.

Get Snow in Midsummer tickets on TodayTix.

Golden Shield

Golden Shield

Golden Shield tickets don’t cost as much as gold — you can get them for just $39. Anchuli Felicia King’s play centers on two sisters: a lawyer pursuing a class-action lawsuit against an American tech company for colluding with the Chinese government, and her sister, who acts has her translator. But the sisters must put aside their past differences before they can start speaking the same language and win the case.

Get Golden Shield tickets on TodayTix.

Exception to the Rule

Some people think theatre tickets are expensive, but at just $30, tickets to Dave Harris’s play are the exception to the rule. This Breakfast Club-esque story is set in detention at an inner city high school, where five regulars and one newcomer try to pass the time and maybe devise an escape. But in a school system that wasn’t designed for them, the classroom walls might not be the only thing keeping them stuck in detention.

Get Exception to the Rule tickets on TodayTix.

Little Girl Blue

Little Girl Blue

Experience the life of Nina Simone at this new musical, written by and starring Laiona Michelle as the singer/songwriter/activist. The show takes its title from that of Simone’s debut album, and the artist would since become known for blending musical styles like classical, pop, and gospel, as well as for her activism during the Civil Rights Movement.

Get Little Girl Blue tickets on TodayTix.

59E59 Theaters

59E59 Theaters is a hip Off-Broadway venue on the Upper East Side, which showcases a rotating lineup of new musicals and plays on its three stages. Tickets for 59E59 Theaters shows start at just $25; click the link below to find out what you can get tickets to right now!

Get 59E59 Theaters tickets on TodayTix.

Winnie The Pooh: The New Musical Adaptation

New York is deep in the Hundred Acre Wood again as Winnie the Pooh comes back to town. In a new Disney musical, join Pooh, Christopher Robin, and the rest of the gang as they go on a brand new adventure. Life-size puppets bring all your favorite characters to life, and there’s original music from the Sherman Brothers. You won’t want to be a “willy, nilly, silly old bear” by missing out on tickets from $32.50! 

Get Winnie the Pooh: The New Musical Adaptation tickets on TodayTix.


Following a hit run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Islander is making its New York debut as the first show to play the newly built Playhouse 46 @ St. Luke’s. Based on Scottish folklore, the show centers around a young girl on a lonely young island who’s visited by a mysterious stranger from the sea. Two actors — Bethany Tennick and Kirsty Findlay — play all the roles and sing the entire score a cappella, creating a mesmerizing soundscape and beautiful storytelling. Get tickets from $40.50.

Get Islander tickets on TodayTix.

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group

In this nearly-indescribable experience, see three performers, the titular “Blue Men,” perform a visual and musical spectacle that includes playing PVC pipes as instruments, chewing on pigments and then spewing the color onto a canvas, and so much more. But if you sit up close, be prepared to get splashed! Tickets to this downtown staple start at $39.

Get Blue Man Group tickets on TodayTix.

Gazillion Bubble Show

Have some bubblicious fun with the whole family for only $39! For nearly 15 years, the Yang family has amazed audiences with this 60-minute spectacle of intricate bubble artistry and mesmerizing lights, music, and special effects.

Get Gazillion Bubble Show tickets on TodayTix.

Jersey Boys

Oh, what a night you’ll have at Jersey Boys! They might have had theirs in ’63, but you can see the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’ rise to fame for only $49. You’ll hear all the group’s greatest hits like “Sherry,” “Walk Like a Man,” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry” in this long-running hit.

Get Jersey Boys tickets on TodayTix.

Dreaming Zenzile

Tickets are just $30 to see Dreaming Zenzile, a world-premiere musical about the life of South African music artist and “Mama Africa” Miriam Makeba. See a live band and Grammy-nominated artist Somi Kakoma as Makeba as she performs her final concert, going on a spiritual journey through her life, career, and memories.

Get Dreaming Zenzile tickets on TodayTix.

Who Killed My Father

Who Killed My Father

Get tickets from $35 to see this searing family drama. Édouard Louis has written and performs this solo show, in which he discusses a system that broke his family but ended up creating an unexpected bridge between his queer self and working-class father. The show is performed in French, but English supertitles are provided.

Get Who Killed My Father tickets on TodayTix.

53% Of

Nope, that’s not a typo of a sale price, but tickets are only $30 for this Second Stage production. 53% Of is the percentage of white women who voted for former President Donald Trump in 2016, and Steph Del Rosso’s play juxtaposes this group — represented by a group of suburban Pennsylvania ladies preparing their town for a presidential visit — with the other 47%, represented by a group of Brooklyn women planning a kind of revolution.

Get 53% Of tickets on TodayTix.

Which Way to the Stage

Head toward 52nd Street between 10th and 11th to get to the MCC Theater stage for Ana Nogueira’s play, BTW. Which Way to the Stage, with tickets from $44, is a love letter to theatre fans, focused on two friends whose conversation outside the If/Then stage door about theatre, drag, and identity changes their friendship for good. (Yes, that is an Idina/Wicked reference.)

Get Which Way to the Stage tickets on TodayTix.


You’ll have to be patient for this show’s August opening, but you can get your $30 tickets to Patience right now. The show focuses on a Black chess player who’s one of the best there is. He’s ready to retire, though, and settle down in a new house with his new almost-husband, but he has to get through one final chess match first.

Get Patience tickets on TodayTix.

That Golden Girls Show! A Puppet Parody

See Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia like you’ve never seen them before — as puppets! This loving spoof on the classic sitcom recreates all the best moments from the show (with plenty of sharp one-liners, of course). It’s been five years since this puppet show last ran in New York, and the current engagement is the final stop on its farewell tour. Get tickets from $49 today before this show retires!

Get That Golden Girls Show! A Puppet Parody tickets on TodayTix.

Our Brother’s Son

Charles Gluck’s drama makes its New York premiere at the Pershing Square Signature Center, with tickets from just $25. When the middle-aged Leo needs a kidney transplant, he turns to his siblings, Gail and David, for a donation. The siblings’ testing uncovers a startling family secret, and the siblings must choose between helping their family and protecting themselves.

Get Our Brother’s Son tickets on TodayTix.

The Office: A Musical Parody

The Office: A Musical Parody

Fans of the sitcom will find all their favorite characters, gags, and inside jokes in The Office: A Musical Parody. Almost every major character gets their time to shine, and the best bits of every season are squeezed into a fast-paced, two-hour show. The $45 ticket is a bit more expensive than watching the show on television, but it’s worth it to see The Office come to life, and with song to boot.

Get The Office: A Musical Parody tickets on TodayTix.

Friends! The Musical Parody

Sharing a stage with The Office: A Musical Parody (on different nights) is Friends! The Musical Parody, which sees Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, and Ross on a new adventure: A runaway bride comes into Central Perk and sweeps the gang up in her big day. Though the plot is new, all the best lines and moments from the show remain, many of them musicalized.

Get Friends! The Musical Parody tickets on TodayTix.

Drunk Shakespeare

The Bard meets booze in Drunk Shakespeare, in which five actors gather to perform a Shakespeare play. One takes five shots of whiskey beforehand, and the four sober actors must keep the drunk one on track while also rolling with whatever he or she does in performance. Audiences get to participate in the fun, too, by ordering drinks of their own if they choose, or else just laugh at the intoxicated performers while sober. Either way, tickets start at $45. 

Get Drunk Shakespeare tickets on TodayTix.

La Boheme

The Metropolitan Opera

One of New York’s most storied and glamorous venues is making its opera accessible to all with its ticket prices. For as low as $30, you can spend a night at the opera and see plenty of shows in The Met’s season, like Turandot, La Bohème, Le Nozze di Figaro, Tosca, and more.

Get tickets to The Metropolitan Opera on TodayTix.



Sure, you can hear garbage cans clanging and brooms sweeping and sirens wailing from your apartment window. But only at Stomp, with $50 tickets, will they actually sound like music. This energetic music-and-dance show features performers creating “the rhythm of New York” from everyday objects, and we defy you not to clap or groove along.

Get Stomp tickets on TodayTix.

Perfect Crime

The longest-running play in New York City history, Perfect Crime follows Margaret Thorne Brent, a psychiatrist who seems to have murdered her rich husband in cold blood. Fans of true crime or shows like Law & Order will enjoy unraveling the mystery of who murdered who alongside the inspector. It costs a bit more than watching Law & Order, but at $36, it’s criminally affordable.

Get Perfect Crime tickets on TodayTix.

Want to go to Broadway on a budget? Check out our roundup of Broadway shows to see for under $50.