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Listen to Our Summertime Showtunes Playlist

July 22, 2020 by TodayTix
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If you’re the kind of theater kid whose idea of party music includes diva’s live concert recordings and who drives around in your car blasting Gypsy, you’re probably rarely trusted with the AUX cord when your friends are ready to have a jam sesh. But this summer, with theater on pause and the whole world newly discovering that musicals can be cool (hi, Hamilton on Disney+!), it’s time to take back your right to the bluetooth speaker!

With our Summertime Showtunes Playlist, you can rock out to your favorite Broadway and Broadway-adjacent songs while also keeping everyone in the group satisfied by songs with just the right beach-y vibes and sunshine-y melodies.

What’s the Broadway song you always add to the queue that reminds you of days spent by the pool and windows-down drives through your hometown?